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Trillium Interfaces: Update v.4.02.30


Trillium Interfaces v.4.02.30 - August 2020


Windows 7 is no longer supported by Trillium or Microsoft,  and patches or security updates are no longer offered for this operating system.  Without security updates, PowerBuilder applications running on Windows 7 are at risk of security vulnerabilities.  We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version of the operating system.


Trillium Interfaces v.4.02.30 is compatible with Core Trillium 4.13.20 and higher


Download Interfaces 4.02.30 application here.

Release Notes

ModuleDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA:

The scheduled transportation export in Interface 4.02.20 does not fully export all data. The files created as the result of a scheduled export are smaller than the files created by a manual export. This issue has been corrected.



A new option to 'Include Transportation Group' information is available for the Transportation export. When this flag is checked, the application will include the group name of any of the student's groups that have been flagged as 'Transportation'. If a student has multiple groups, the values are concatenated together with a pipe '|", up to a maximum of 70 characters. If the user does not choose to include transportation groups, the additional field is not included in the export file.


Secondary Gradebook

The Secondary Achievement import will now accept a mark of "I" for any course. Previously, the import would only accept the mark of "I" for a junior course.


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