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TWebSchAdmin: Update v.5.40.40


 TWebSchAdmin v.5.40.40 - October_2017


TWebSchAdmin 5.40.40 includes the Ministry's new survey of Early Years Experiences (EYE). You will need a license key to run that. If you have not purchased this functionality, contact your account manager.
  • Information for technical staff on Licenses and Security Tasks
  • Information for school staff filling out the survey
  • This will be part of TWebSchAdmin, under Student Maintenance, and also part of TWebOLR.

You must be running TWebSchAdmin v.5.40.30 or higher before updating to this version.

TWebSchAdmin 5.40.40 is compatible with:

  • Core Trillium v.3.16.00 and higher;
  • Landing page v.5.40.30
  • CAS Central Authorization System v.

Release Notes

ModuleFunctionDetailsClient Ticket #
lementary AchievementReport CardsIn 5.40.30, Oracle users faced a challenge regenerating Elementary Achievement records. We issued a hotfix for that issue, before incorporating that fix into, 136544, 136880
Incident Tracking
When adding or editing an Incident, the Letter Comment and Comment Description fields were incorrectly limited in 5.40.30. We've fixed that, setting the Comment Field to 500 characters and Comment Description field to 200. 135605, 135976, 136502, 136520
Student MaintenanceRegister New StudentWhen adding a student, if the student already existed in your Trillium database, their literacy diploma requirements and literacy test result fields were reset to Eligible.  This overwriting no longer occurs.134909
Student MaintenanceTransfer StudentIf you transferred a student to another school using a future effective date, Trillium was not marking them inactive in their original school. We've fixed that. You should  follow your existing processes. Transferring them with a future effective date will now create a pending record. The act of the first user logging into Core Trillium, on or after that effective date, will deactivate the student. Today's Release includes a script which fixes existing students with this issue: Available on our ftp site.12749, 135025, 135249, 134459, 135007

Student Maintenance

Early Years

As part of implementing the Ministry's Early Years Experiences survey (EYE), we added this error message: There is not a valid Early Years Experience license for this board. If you encounter that, it means you have either not obtained, or not implemented, a license for the EYE module.

Access to the new menu option of Early Years Experience is controlled by the new security task STUMNT – Early Years Access.  Only users assigned this security task will be able to see the menu option.

More information.

Secondary AchievementSHSM MaintenanceAn empty list of student names would appear when any student in the selection had a special character (e.g. an apostrophe) in their name.  We fixed this.131976
Secondary AchievementCompulsory Credit CalculationsThe compulsory credit function would produce an error when it encountered a non-credit course with a course code less than five characters. We fixed this too.133899

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