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TWebSE: Update v.5.30.00


TWebSE 5.30.00 July, 2017



This release contains fixes and new features for Trillium Web SE (Special Education). TWebSE 5.30.00 is compatible with Core Trillium 3.16.00 and newer.

OS Certification 

PowerSchool is pleased to announce that twebse v.5.30.00 application has been certified for Java 8 and Tomcat 8. During the transition time period of March - September 2017, twebse v.5.30.00 can be run either on Tomcat 7 or Tomcat 8. We will continue to release upgraded Trillium web-based applications according to our March, 2017 roadmap.

We strongly recommend that you do not install both the new and previous versions of Tomcat and Java on the same system. We have not tested such a configuration and therefore do not support it.

Browser Compatibility  

The minimal supported version of Internet Explorer browser is 10. Our application does not support Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9 and IE 10 and 11 Compatibility View anymore.

If you use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 and get the message Sorry, this application does not support your version of browser, this is most likely because your browser is set in Compatibility View mode. This mode tells your browser to treat websites as if it was using IE7. If you get this message, do the following:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. If you do not see the Menu bar, press Alt to display it.
  3. Click ToolsThen Click Compatibility View settings. The Compatibility View Settings window opens.
  4. Select all the items in the Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View box. Then Click Remove.
  5. Click Close.

Also: TWebSE has been certified with iOS9.

Our compatibility matrix document has more details.

 A word about Apache Struts 2

 This Update includes the upgraded Apache Struts 2 libraries which eliminate the March 2017 vulnerability.  You do not need to apply our previously issued Apache Struts 2 patches after you run this update.

Release Notes

AreaFunctionDetailsClient Ticket #
Alternative Report CardKG PeriodsUntil now, in order to produce alternative report cards for Kindergarten students with IEPs for Report Periods B and C,  you needed a special database fix. We eliminated this defect; you can now produce alternative KG report cards without fixing your DB.126314
BrowserPopup windows (Chrome and Edge)For security reasons, in Chrome and Edge browsers, the URL address box and the maximize button are always present in pop-up windows. Besides this, in Chrome, when your move the mouse cursor over a link, the hyperlink context box is always displayed in the bottom of pop-up. For example, a calendar pop-up window will always display a "javascript" line in the bottom during selection of the "date.javascript" line in the bottom during selection of the date.
BrowserPopup windows (Mac Safari)In the Macintosh Safari browser, when your page is maximized, any pop-up window opened from the page will be displayed in a new tab in maximum status, e.g. the calendar picker, spell checker will be opened in a new tab.
If you want to see the pop-up windows in their original size, please exit Safari from the full-screen mode.

CommonStudent and contact address and phone numberThe Student and Contact information now displays the Address and Phone number having the highest priority.
Exceptionality Placement Program pageSaving new or modified dataYou cannot create duplicating programs within the same placement anymore. Two programs are considered as duplicates if they have the same types, levels, locations and start/end dates.
Exceptionality Placement Program pageSaving new or modified dataYou also cannot create duplicating exceptionalities. Two exceptionalities are considered as duplicates if they have the same types and start/end dates.
Exceptionality Placement Program pageModifying an Exceptionality or a PlacementIf Exceptionality or Placement is M.E. Flagged, this warning will appear before any exceptionality name or date changes: An Exceptionality/Placement is currently defined as Reportable. Do you want to continue?
If you click Yes, the data is changed, and you can continue changing the field.  

IEPEdit IEP/Consultation and Planning pagePreviously, you couldn't delete Transit Plan items in random order. We fixed that, so you can delete one or several Transit Plan items in any sequence. 100757
IEPReportFor students with two home addresses, both addresses have been printing in the same line.  Now, we display only the highest-priority address.121081
IEPReportWe fixed the IEP Report so that it now prints the Cell Phone number instead of the Business phone. 102746, 101721
IEPSelect IEP, Edit IEP pagesYou may change the effective (having Report Flag) placement to another one. (This might be done at the Exceptionality Placement Program page). If the student already had IEP records for this exceptionality, they were not changed.  You still saw the old placement and program in Select IEP and in all Edit IEP pages.
We fixed that, so whenever you change the placement, the IEP records now refresh and the new Placement and Program titles display. This is true only if the new placement has Report Flag checked and covers the current (today's) date.  IEP records corresponding to other exceptionalities are not changed.

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