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Core Trillium 4.10.10


 Core Trillium v.4.10.10 - June, 2018. Updated August, September, October, November 2018

Overview of Hotfixes

November 7, 2018

In CT 4.10.00, an issue was introduced that caused the student's Status in Canada information to be overwritten with "Canadian Citizen" when an existing student was enrolled at a Continuing Education school or added to a Day school. To assist with the identification of students possibly affected by this issue, we are providing a script, CTHotfix5_identify_students, in both Oracle and SQL versions.

When you run the Course List for Grant Purposes Extract Report, the total number of hours for ILE courses is inaccurate. We have now fixed that. The download below includes today's hotfixes, as well as the other hotfixes listed below.

October 9, 2018

The Ministry has revised its instructions around the rule regarding three or more consecutive sessions being subtracted from the total funded sessions. Now, this rule should apply to the Literacy/Numeracy and Adult Indigenous Languages Registers, in addition to the Continuing Education Credit and Summer School registers. It is not applicable to the ILE register. We have modified Literacy/Numeracy and Adult Indigenous Languages Registers to meet these revised Ministry instructions.

On the Summary page, the Hours per Session in the Pupil Data section has been retrieving the wrong field. This has been corrected.

When reporting Courses offered during the summer on Continuing Education Credit Courses, Adult Indigenous Languages or Literacy/Numeracy Register, the total number of pupil hours and the corresponding Equivalent ADE fields are now populated.

September 12, 2018

The Pupil's Day School information has not been populating for students whose day school was at another school Board. We've corrected that.

The International Languages (Elementary) Register was populating the number of sessions and total hours (both Sep to June and Summer values) with the total student value rather than course value. We've corrected that.

The rule regarding three or more consecutive sessions being subtracted from the total funded sessions should not apply to the Literacy/Numeracy, IILE, or Adult Indigenous Languages registers. It is only valid for Continuing Education Credit Courses and Summer School Registers. We've removed this calculation from the Literacy/Numeracy, ILE, and Adult Indigenous Language registers.

August 28, 2018

Since the release of 4.10.10, there have been some report-printing issues (headers went missing; list orders were incorrect); and clicking Save As in the Print window has brought a NULL Object error. Fixes for both conditions are incorporated in Hotfix 2. Install it regardless of whether you installed Hotfix 1.

Looking Ahead

In Q1 of 2019, we will be upgrading to a new version of PowerBuilder 2017.  It will not support interaction with Java 6 utilities, only Java 8.  Core Trillium uses some of these utilities as part of its framework, including the log-in process.  As a result, when you upgrade any one of our four Trillium PowerBuilder applications (Core Trillium, OnSIS, OnRpts or Interfaces) using the new PowerBuilder 2017 version, it is mandatory you upgrade all four of those applications at the same time.  Once these versions have been released, all future PowerBuilder releases will be built in this same version.  Please plan to upgrade to these new versions in Q1 of 2019. 

This advisory affects only products we release in 2019 and after. It does not apply to our releases in November and December, 2018.


4.10.10: including hotfix information and downloads, is here

Release Notes

ModuleAreaDetailsTicket #
CTCCCTCC Schools Mapping validation tableWe modified Trillium to allow the same CTCC BSID to be mapped to different working BSIDs.
OnSIS TeacherAssigned SubjectsWhen attempting to add multiple subjects for a teacher, an Invalid Entry Message, Please select Subject(s), no longer pops up continuously, preventing you from doing anything.140793
ReportsAttendance TallyThe user will no longer be prompted to Roll Up Attendance when attempting to generate the Report for a second student using the same parameters of the first. Since Attendance was rolled up when the Report for the first student was generated, it's usually not necessary to roll up the Attendance again.139310
ReportsClass List

When you generate a Class List Report, your information displays correctly; but when it prints, the header information is missing and the class order is incorrect . We fixed that.

ReportsClass ListThe Class List Report will now successfully export to a .csv or Excel file136474
ReportsClass SizeWhen a school has both Elementary and Secondary grades, the column headings for Grade 12 and Total Values no longer overlap.139845
ReportsContinuing-Education RegistersWhen calculating the Pupil's Day School on the various Continuing Education registers, our application is now looking for the Day School that the student is attending at the same time as the course. For the Summer School register, we look for the Day School that the student was attending at the end of the school year (since Day Schools don't run during the summer).
When the student's Day School is actually a CTCC school, the student's designated school will be reported as the student's Day School.
ReportsElementary Report CardSome clients were experiencing a SQL error when printing the Report Card for students whose Transcript School Code was different from their current School Code. This was a result of an older version of the Report view being applied during the upgrade of other Trillium products. The latest version has been re-issued again with this release.
ReportsStaff TimetableThe message that appears when a school has too many Cycle Days or Periods to be able to successfully produce a Staff Timetable has been clarified. The message now is: 
Trillium can only produce a timetable with a maximum of 9 cycle days and 17 periods per cycle day.

SchedulingBuilderWhen displaying the Course Sections tab, the new Dual credit on CE Register field from the Courses window is checked to see if the bottom portion of the page should display the Continuing Education fields. If the new field had a register specified, then the fields are displayed.140314, 140449, 141099
SchedulingBuilderThe Raw and Equiv fields on Section Calculation tab now appear above the Calculate Sections button. We added a reminder that these fields are updated whenever the Calculate Sections button is pressed.98570
SchedulingCopy to Next YearWhen copying students to Next Year with the Exclude Students where OSR is at another School checkbox selected, all appropriate student records are again excluded from the process.139941, 139994, 140414
SchedulingCoursesOn the Course Codes window, a new picklist, Dual credit on CE register, now displays under the Include grouping. The choices for this lists: Blank, ConEd Credit, Summer School. This field is only enabled for Course Types DC College and DC College Apprentice.
Changing the Course Type to another value resets the Dual Credit on CE Register and Use of Register fields to blank/null. When the new field has a value of ConEd Credit or Summer School, the Use of Register field in the bottom portion of the screen becomes enabled and mandatory for this course. The Use of Register values displayed will match the values currently displayed when the Course Type is Credit Diploma Purposes (for ConEd Credit) or Summer, respectively.
140314, 140449, 141099
Security TasksStudent Demographics

We added a new Security Task to support access to student photos in Core Trillium. The new system task Student CSI: Display student photo will enable the Student CSI: Student photo option even when the user does not have the Student: display student information, e.g. photo Security Task.

The student photo will be available in Student CSI if the user has either or both system tasks assigned. The Student: display student information, e.g. photo Security Task is required to see the student photo on all other screens.


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