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Core Trillium Update 4.13.20


Core Trillium v.4.13.20 - August 2020


Windows 7 is no longer supported by Trillium or Microsoft,  and patches or security updates are no longer offered for this operating system.  Without security updates, PowerBuilder applications running on Windows 7 are at risk of security vulnerabilities.  We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version of the operating system.


Core Trillium 4.13.20 download is here.

Release Notes

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA


When a student left a summer school class then re-entered again after a period of time, the summer school register only counted the sessions from the first period of time the student attended. The issue has been fixed.


When generating the International/Indigenous Languages register for a class without students, the instructor’s name was missing from the report. This issue has been fixed. 

Validation TablesHyphens may now be used in the description field in the Gender Identities validation table.04968523TRILL-9368
Student DemographicsWhen updating a student's address, some users encountered the error "Invalid entry for the Street".  This issue was related to bad data in the database.  Scripts ( have been provided in the release package to fix the data.   04973119TRILL-9381
Student DemographicsThe Medical Peril checkbox and the Sheltered Students checkbox were incorrectly linked causing an update of one field to affect the other. This issue is now resolved.05009254TRILL-9467
Transcript Information A new value of 'Upgrading Credit' is now available in the Other Course Information. The field is enabled for courses added through this window. 
Scheduling/CoursesA new field to indicate a course is an Upgrading Credit course is now available under the Other Course Information section.
Student DemographicsAddresses with a delivery type of Post Office Box can now be saved without requiring a street name.05033801TRILL-9501
Student GroupsA new 'Transportation' checkbox has been added to student groups to indicate if the group is to be included in the transportation export.
Elementary AchievementModifications have been made to system tables to support the upcoming change in the number of marks to be reported for Mathematics. Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, only one mark will be reported for Mathematics instead of marks for each of the five strands.

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