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Secondary Achievement Setup: Define Report Periods


In Secondary Achievement Setup, you've chosen the default tab, Build Secondary Achievement. That tab's picklist has three choices and defaults to define Report Periods.

This page is used to define the Report Periods that determine your school year's Report Card cycles. A unique Report Period must also be created if you wish to enter additional marks for specific reasons, such as Exam marks. Through this page your will maintain Report Period Start and End Dates, and other Report Period-setup parameters. You'll be able to add, delete and update Report Periods for the selected school and year.

The final Report Period, F, is automatically created by Trillium and cannot be modified or deleted. It holds all Final Marks for the school year.

The CF and CI Report Periods are optionally created through Add CE Report Periods, for lesson-based Continuing Education courses. These courses have Achievement information recorded through the TwebCE module. Once these Report Periods are created, they cannot be deleted.

This page can also display Build Achievement and Calculate Attendance and Median for Report Period. Learn more here

Define Report Periods

Page Controls


Click the radio button for the Report Period you want to work with.   

Report PeriodThis is the Report Period name. Report Period names should be unique and cannot be changed once saved. Report periods ‘F’, ‘CI’ and ‘CF’ are values reserved by the system and cannot be entered by you. All Report Periods must be defined before proceeding to the Year Setup screen.
Start Date

This is the start date of the Report Period. This date must be within the school year and must be less than the Report Period End Date.

Modifying this date after Achievement records has been generated for the Report Period will require regeneration of the records by the user.

End Date

This is the End Date of the Report Period. This date is used as the transcript date for all courses completed or ended during the Report Period. This date is applied when Final Marks and Earned credit calculations are performed.

This date must be within the school year and must be greater than the Report Period Start Date.

Modifying this date after Achievement records has been generated for the Report Period will require regeneration of the records by the user.

Initial Generation DateThis date is set by the system. It is the date when the Achievement records for all students were first generated for the report period.  For ‘F’, ‘CI’ and ‘CF’ report periods, it is set to the creation date of those Report Periods.
Default LayoutThis is a list of user-defined Report Card layouts. Select a default one to be used when printing Report Cards for the selected Report Period.
OCAS ReportingThis field is used to identify an OCAS transmission for a Report Period. Information is sent to the reporting centers four times a year. It is only necessary to identify whether marks will be extracted for the second and third transmissions since Trillium knows where to find the information for the first and fourth transmissions.
Publish Date

This date is only visible to boards using Trillium VIA.

It is used to identify when the achievement data for the selected Report Period can be displayed on the parent/school portal. This date can be greater or equal to the End Date of the Report Period.

YTD Atd.

The year-to-date Attendance flag determines how the Attendance shown on the Report Card will be calculated.  

When it is On, the Attendance totals shown on the student Report Card will be calculated from the beginning of the school year to the End Date of the Report Period.  

When it is Off, the Attendance totals shown on the student Report Card will be calculated using the start and end dates of the Report Period.

Include Withdrawn CoursesThis flag is used to identify whether Withdrawn Courses should be included in the statistics calculation of the displayed Report Period. The statistics include mean (average) and median, which can appear in Mark Distribution report and on the Report Card.
DataMart Code

This field is used only for Data Mart users. When extracting information for Data Mart, this value will be used as the Report Period name. If the DataMart code is set to N/A, the Achievement records for the Report Period will not be extracted for Data Mart. 

The field is editable for all Report Periods except for Report Period 'F'.

Sort Order

This field will be used to control the order in which the Report Periods are displayed in picklists and reports.  A user would typically assign the values to represent the order in which the Report Periods occur during the school year, with Report Period F appearing at the end.


This field is used to prevent you from inadvertently updating Achievement information for the Report Period.  There is no Security Task associated with this field, so you can toggle it at will. 

Command Buttons

AddThis button is used to allow you to define new Report Periods.
SaveThis button is used to save new and modified Report Periods.
Add CE Report Periods

This button is used to insert the CI and CF Report Periods required for lesson-based Continuing Education courses.

It is controlled by a separate Security Task, Create CE Report Periods.  If you are not assigned this task, the button will not be visible.

The button is disabled if ‘CI’ and ‘CF’ Report Periods already exist.

Click Add CE Report Periods to insert two rows with the Report Period column populated with ‘CI’ and ‘CF’, which cannot be changed.  The Start Dates and End Dates are set to the school year's Start and End dates. 



Click Delete to delete the selected Report Period. Delete is only available when a Report Period (other than CI, CF and F) are selected.  If you have unsaved changes elsewhere on the page, you'll be prompted to save changes.  If you choose to continue with the delete action, the changes will be lost.

A Report Period cannot be deleted if it has been attached to Report Card layouts, used on the Year Setup page or has student achievement records generated for it.

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