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TWebCR: Update v.5.30.00


TWebCR 5.30.00 August, 2017


 This release contains fixes and new features for Trillium Web CR (Course Requests). TWebCR 5.30.00 is compatible with Core Trillium 3.16.00 and newer.

OS Certification 

PowerSchool is pleased to announce that TWebCR v.5.30.00 application has been certified for Java 8 and Tomcat 8. During the transition time period of March - September 2017, TWebCR v.5.30.00 can be run either on Tomcat 7 or Tomcat 8. We will continue to release upgraded Trillium web-based applications according to our March 2017 roadmap.

We strongly recommend that you do not install both the new and previous versions of Tomcat and Java on the same system. We have not tested such a configuration and therefore do not support it.

Browser Compatibility  

Starting with version 5.30.00, our application does not support Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9; and IE 10 and 11 Compatibility View. TWebCR is fully certified with Windows 10 operating system internet browser Microsoft Edge.

In order to print TWebESL reports from Chrome browser, the user should allow pop-ups, which are blocked by default. Please refer to for instructions.

 A word about Apache Struts 2

 This Update includes the upgraded Apache Struts 2 libraries which eliminate the March 2017 vulnerability.  You do not need to apply our previously issued Apache Struts 2 patches after you run this update.

Release Notes


Admin - Course Requests Counsellor;

Student - Course Requests

Student CR Verification Report;

Credit Counselling Summary

 iPAD users: (administrator or student) can now scroll Student Course Request Verification and Credit Counselling Summary reports by touching and swiping the right side of the window with one finger.

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