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TrilliumReports: Update v.5.42.10


TrilliumReports v.5.42.10 - April 2019.


Compatible with Core Trillium 4.00.00 and higher.
If you have not already done so, you must update to TrilliumReports  5.42.00 prior to installation.


TrilliumReports 5.42.10 download is here.

Release Notes

FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #


Attendance/Achievement reportAsterisks denoting a dropped course are displaying incorrectly for students whom have enrolled in the same course multiple times. This issue has been resolved and the asterisk now displays as expected for the corresponding dropped course.03586515TRILL-6406
Index Card (Long and Short)The Index Card reports are now linked to the existing security task 'Student, Office Index Card'. User profiles should be checked for accuracy and updated as needed.03831296TRILL-6261
Index Card (Long and Short)

Student photos are added to the page header of both the short and long form Index Card reports. In order to retrieve student photos, a new parameter "tWebSchoolAdminURL" must be added to the TrilliumReport context XML file.

Note: If no student photo is available a generic placeholder picture will be used.







Index Card (Short)Index cards now sort as expected when selecting Legal Name as the sort criteria.03580434TRILL-2299
Index Card (Short)The Short Index Card report has been compressed to reduce the space used and to avoid a second page.

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