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Admin Attendance: Validation Tables


When assigned, you will be allowed to edit Reason Codes, Names and Start/End dates for Attendance Reasons. This table is linked to the Reason by Attendance Validation Table and is used to describe the Attendance Reasons. Adding a Reason to an Attendance entry is optional. Each Attendance Reason must be linked to an Attendance Code before it can be used. For an Absence AttendanceCode, for example, several reasons can be used - such as illness or a medical appointment. This table is defined at the School level and can be modified.

Reason by Attendance

Each attendance reason must be linked to a Ministry-defined Attendance Code. The Reasons available in Attendance Entry are based on the associated Attendance Code. For example, if the selected Attendance Code is Late, only reasons linked to Late appear in the dropdown box. This table is linked to the Reason Validation table and can also be accessed from the Classes & Groups screen. This table is defined at the School level.

In Admin Attendance, Click Validation Tables the seventh tab card across the top. Then choose Reason or Reason by Attendance. If you have the proper rights, editing the lists is straight-forward.

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