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Trillium OnSIS: Update v. 4.00.00


Trillium OnSIS v.4.00.00 - June 2018. Updated September, 2018.

This version is compatible with Core Trillium 3.17.00 and higher


Hotfix 3 –  September 12, 2018

  • Some schools encountered an error that the student's Total Classes value did not fall within the accepted range (1-999). This occurred when a student's scheduled Class had only a Final Mark recorded under Transcript Information, and the student was scheduled for the entire Class. In this scenario, the OnSIS snapshot will now calculate the total Classes value.
  • The OnSIS June Elementary submission did not report alternative Report Cards for those students who were registered for the same school in the next school year. We corrected this.

Hotfix 2 – Interface Definition table missing some records

A complete refresh of the Interfaces table has been provided. 

Hotfix 1 –  Interface Definition table missing some records

The OnSIS script package did not include all of the interface definition records required for the Elementary Achievement Import.  


We have experienced an intermittent PowerBuilder error #999 that appears to be triggered by long-running queries. Pressing OK moves the process past the message. Comparisons of the transmission files generated both with, and without, the error encountered show that the file contents are the same.  We will continue to investigate this issue.

OnSIS Reminder 

Please do not use Excel to edit, modify or save your CSV files, because it changes formatting and causes errors during the loading of these files. Use Notepad to edit, modify or save those files.


4.00.00: including hotfix information and downloads, is here

Release Notes

SnapshotOnSIS displays an error indicating the OYAP flag can only be reported by the main school. To align with the Ministry, that error is now a warning (SE0146).137712
SnapshotStudents who participated only in ILE courses were reported under the Student School Enrollment section in the Night or Summer Submission files. Instead, they now are only included in the aggregate totals for the ILE section.138719, 139342
SnapshotThe Ministry recently decided to change its rules on how to calculate the Total Days Absent in the Student School Enrollment section of the Elementary Submissions.
Total Days Absent must now include any absences that were already reported in OnSIS in the previous submission (of the same academic year) by the same school. Therefore, instead of using the student's most-recent entry and departure dates, we now use the student's earliest entry and latest departure for calculating the Attendance.
140654, 140568, 140762,140853,140856

We designed the OnSIS Snapshot to populate the Total Classes - Student field from the Class Meetings value on the student's Report Card. The Ministry has indicated it wants the value reported to OnSIS to be based on the student's Enrollment in the Class, not what appears on the Report Card. Our Snapshot will continue to use the Total Classes reported on the Report Card for students who were enrolled in the Class for the whole duration. It will calculate the student's Total Classes if the student a) entered the Class after it began, b) left the Class early, or c) dropped and re-enrolled in the same Class.

SnapshotIn the CTCC submission file, Dual Credit Courses were rejected as invalid. We fixed that by assigning a Course Delivery Type or Other Credit Type of '1', to meet the validation requirements of the Class Enrolment and Other Credit sections.139043
SnapshotCourses in Grade 7/8 Literacy/Numeracy can now be taken by a Grade 6 student if they are taking the Course during the summer between Grade 6 and 7.

Several clients encountered issues where the Total Classes Course value changed from the previous submission. OnSIS does not support an Update action to this section of the submission file. The Ministry is looking to implement a change with their July 27 version that will accept updates to this section. In anticipation of that change, Trillium OnSIS has been modified to submit an action tag of Update in this scenario. Any files submitted prior to the Ministry implementing their change will result in an error indicating an invalid action has been submitted.140733
SnapshotInactive educators on leave on the count date, but assigned to classes, are getting a Snapshot error indicating the educator could not be assigned to a class. This is resolved.129800
SnapshotThe Total Class - Student value is not always calculating correctly for a student who both entered the Class late and left early. This is resolved.
SnapshotTrillium OnSIS no longer attempts to submit the <TOTAL_CLASS_COURSE> tag for private schools. This tag is only applicable to public secondary schools.

Snapshot, TransmissionThe Ministry now allows CTCC students to remain active at a CTCC site at the end of a school year. Therefore, Trillium OnSIS will no longer report every CTCC student with an Enrolment End Date matching the end of the school year. Enrolment End Dates will only be reported if the student has been demitted.
Snapshot, TransmissionBeginning with the 2017-2018 submission, OnSIS has now added a PLAR section to the CTCC submission. The PLAR section is the standard one that is used for the other submissions. Any PLAR courses completed during the school year that have their CTCC BSID matching the BSID being generated will be reported. If older academic years are regenerated, PLAR Courses will not be included.
Snapshot, TransmissionTransition Dates will be collected for the secondary students in CTCC programs beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year. Transition dates (Admission and Discharge Dates) information is submitted for students who entered the school multiple times during the year. A student who enters only once will not have transition dates reported. This information is in addition to the Enrolment Start and End dates that are reported in the Student School Enrolment section of the submission file.

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