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TrilliumReports: Update v.5.45.10


TrilliumReports v.5.45.10 - February 2022


Compatible with Core Trillium 4.15.00 and higher.
If you have not already done so, you must update to TrilliumReports  5.45.00 prior to installation.  Clients must also upgrade to TwebEA 5.44. 30, TwebSchool and TwebSchAdmin 5.44.20 when they upgrade to the 5.45.00 release.


TrilliumReports 5.45.10 download is here.

Release Notes

FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #



When Trillium Reports is opened within the Landing Page application, the report title and other icons in the tool bar no longer overlap each other.

ReportsA query in the Attendance Not Submitted report was modified to resolve an oracle error.06104847TRILL-10488
ReportsWhen running the Short Index Card, the selection criteria will now display a list of values in the Selection Criteria dropdowns.06111644TRILL-10508

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