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TWebBoard: Update v.5.41.00


  TWebBoard 5.41.00 - September 2018


  • TWebBoard v.5.41.00 is compatible with Core Trillium v.4.00.00 and newer. 

  • You must be running Java 8.

  • You must have executed all database scripts up to, and including, v.5.40.20 before updating to this version.  

  • This release includes the following products:

    • TWebIS (Integration Service);
    • TWebGLW.


TWebBoard 5.41.00 Download is here

Release Notes

ModuleFunctionDetailsClient Ticket #

JIRA: Trill-


TWebBoard 5.41.00 is now certified with the latest Java 8.0.172 and Tomcat version v.8.5.31

Note: TWebBoard now supports only a Java 8 environment. More information, including a link to installation files, is here.

Tomcat 8.5.31 allows the deployment of multiple versions of a web application with the same context path at the same time. These multiple versions can exist simultaneously. All end users will be gradually forwarded to the latest version without restarting the Tomcat service after upgrading web apps. As a result, boards will enjoy zero-downtime deployment. Refer to our Tomcat Parallel Deployment Deployment Guide here.


Previous versions of our product included Board holidays in counting of days for suspension.
We have fixed that, so our application does not count Board holidays when calculating returning date after suspension


To avoid interruptions between our Integration Service and BusPlanner software
1. Include the following line into Tomcat context file:
<Parameter name="service.sleeptime.sec" value="20" override="false"/>
2. We have provided additional optimization and created several new indexes in the database in accordance with clients' recommendation. These indexes facilitate access to the principal Integration Service tables


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