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Ontario Reporting: Update v.4.03.00


Trillium Ontario Reporting v.4.03.00 - September 2019


This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.12.00.


Download Trillium Ontario Reporting v. 4.03.00 here.

Release Notes

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA
Panorama ExtractThe Panorama extract window now ensures that only school code and school BSID combinations with an active BSID are available in the school selection panel.04317288


EQAO ExtractsThe name of the column for the Permanent Residence field has been renamed to Out of Province Residence on both versions of the log file.


Panorama ExtractThe Panorama extract has been updated to follow the new requirements for the address fields. The Unit Number field can only submit a maximum of 5 characters. The Street Number field can only submit a maximum of 6 characters. Any value larger than the maximum will generate an error message in the log file, and the school will need to correct the data.





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