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EAS: OnSIS Mapping (School)

This is the second accordion bar on the School Report Periods tab, the second of six menu tabs in Elementary Achievement Setup. 
This screen is used to specify the mapping of Report Periods one school will use for October, March and June OnSIS submissions.


This accordion section is controlled by the EAS - Map Report Periods for OnSIS School Level security task. Our application adheres to the "Update Flag" setting for the particular user when determining if fields are editable. The "All Students" flag in the user's security profile must be set "On" or no updates will be allowed.

Initial State

When this accordion bar is initially opened and there was no previous mapping done, the drop-down lists for each of the three OnSIS submission periods are populated with default values of October = P, March = 1, and June = 2.

Page Controls


  • This is the OnSIS Report Periodd value for school period P
  • Populated by the system with P, 1, 2 values


  • This is the OnSIS Report Period value for school period 1
  • Populated by the system with 1, 2 values


  • This is the OnSIS Report Period value for school period 2
  • The default value is 2.

Command Buttons


The button is visible only if you have security permissions to update the information on this page

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