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Core Trillium Update 4.13.00


Core Trillium v.4.13.00 - March 2020


Windows 7 is no longer supported by Trillium or Microsoft,  and patches or security updates are no longer offered for this operating system.  Without security updates, PowerBuilder applications running on Windows 7 are at risk of security vulnerabilities.  We strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version of the operating system.


Download application here.

Release Notes

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA

Con Ed Registers Report

As per Ministry requirements, students who have not yet arrived in a class, or those who have left before the end of the course will still qualify for funding when a session of the class is cancelled with a 'C' (funded session).  04371933TRILL-7484
ContactsIn Contact Personal tab, the dropdown for Status in Canada will now have a blank line as one of the values that can be selected.04322400TRILL-7978
ReportsOn the Student Registration Form and Verification Form, displaying of fields for Doctor and Health card number is now controlled by the corresponding Board preferences (Display Health Card, Display Doctors) found in TwebSchAdmin.
Import/Export Between Boards

The Export Student file now contains fields for the SHSM SPC data elements.  

AddressesWhen entering an address in Core Trillium, it was possible to use the Cancel button within the Streets Browse window to bypass the address validation, resulting in an invalid address being saved to the Validation table.  This has been corrected.04477173TRILL-8223
Validation Tables

A new Gender Identities validation table has been created. This is a board-level validation table. Access to the validation table is controlled by a new security task "Validation Table - Gender Identities". Boards can populate the table with the gender identity values that they deem are appropriate. This information will be used in conjunction with the new gender value of 'Self-Identified'. Whenever this gender value is selected for a student, a gender identity value must also be selected. The student gender identity will be a drop down list populated with the values entered for this validation table. The collection and reporting of the new gender values and gender identity information will be enabled in a future release, at a time to coincide with OnSIS's ability to process this new information.

GeneralThis release includes the necessary modifications to support the new gender values of 'Prefer Not to Disclose' (N) and 'Prefer to Specify'/'Self-Identified' (S).  The new values are not automatically activated when this release is applied.  A separate script package must be run in order to activate the values.  Please refer to the PowerSchool Community article for information on the changes and activating the new values.
ReportsThe new Ontario logo will now print on the working version of the Ontario Student Transcript.
ReportsThe new Ontario logo will now print on the Student's SHSM Master Record.
CoursesOracle users can now add a new course to the school's course catalog without encountering a database error.04818819TRILL-8975
ReportsThe correct return date is now calculated and displayed on the Suspension letters.04708386TRILL-8980
Validation TablesThe Achievement Pronouns validation table now displays new columns for the new Gender values of Self-Identified and Not Disclosed. Once the new genders are activated, Boards must ensure that each pronoun field has been populated for the new gender fields. Clients will experience unexpected connection issues with TwebEA if these fields are not populated.
ReportsThe school was unable to print Report Cards for some CTCC students in their school. This has been resolved.04776483TRILL-9002
Compulsory Credit CalculationWhen calculating repeated courses, the Other Course Info - Credit Recovery flag will also be considered when determining if a course is to be classified as a repeated course.
Student Maintenance / DemographicsWhen a Status card number was recorded for a student, any further changes to the information on that page could not be saved.  This has been corrected. 04793066TRILL-9021
Import/Export Students Between BoardsThe SHSM Component and three Sector-Partner Contextualized experience checkboxes have been added to the Import/Export Student feature.
School Demographic TabA new preference, CTCC Residential Facility, has been added to the School Demographic tab.  This preference should be checked on when this CTCC site is also a residential facility. The Ministry is requiring schools to report the number of days a student resides at a CTCC facility as part of the 2019-2020 OnSIS submission.
Add New Student, Student DemographicsA new "Gender Identity" field has been added on the Student Demographics and Add New Student screens. The field is populated with the active values from the Gender Identities validation table. This new field is visible and mandatory when the student's gender is 'S' (Self Identified)
ReportsThe Class list will no longer display a count of students by gender since the gender field is not displayed on this report.  The total number of students in a class will continue to be displayed on this report.04899904TRILL-9121
ReportsThe Course Request Tally will now be printed in landscape orientation to accommodate additional columns for the new gender fields.

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