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StudentsAchieve Update v. 6.6.00


StudentsAchieve v.6.6.00 - June, 2017.


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PowerSchool is pleased to release this June 2017 StudentsAchieve release has a number of enhancements and bug fixes to meet your needs.

We are bringing StudentsAchieve into alignment with PowerSchool's other product lines' updates and deployment policy. Therefore, this article provides all the information and links you need to do the upgrade. Clients may still chose to have us perform the upgrades, which will be a billable service. In that case, please open a service ticket with details on your availability, to coordinate the process.

Version Compatibility 

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Students Achieve 6.6.00 requires:

  • Microsoft .Net 4.6 (free download from Microsoft).   
  • Via Platform  for Trillium clients.  

Release Notes

ComponentSummaryDetailsClient Ticket/Internal Reference


Data caching


Data such as gradebook and export configurations were getting into conflicted states when multiple locations attempted to save their copies of the data. We have disabled the updates from most applications, creating a single authority for changes.


Generic Integration

Generic Integration: class/term mapping

An option has been added to generic integration that allows class/term direct mapping.


Gradebook Engine

External Results Enhancement

Options added to results' cross-referencing from other aggregates, allowing these values to be used on the parent portal or hidden from teacher view in Student Analysis.


Gradebook Engine

Lowest Result Calculation

New calculation available: Lowest result.  Returns the lowest non-formative result achieved by the student.


Gradebook Engine

Highest Result Calculation

New calculation available: Highest result.  Returns the highest non-formative result achieved by the student.



Integration unenrolls all students

System now maintains student enrollment if all enrollments returned as invalid due to underlying error.  Fix does not address the underlying error but at least reduces impact of the error by not resulting in all students being unenrolled


Mass Email

Support expanded TLD options in email address validation

Top-Level Domain options have been expanded. The email validator which checks emails before sending now supports some of the new TLDs (Top Level Domain) such as .college


Report Card

New class initialization - report card linking issue

Fixed the issue around report card linking, where multi-grade environment would attempt to link each grade's set of strands rather than a single unique set


SIRS/SchoolLogic integration

Not associating the correct effort legend for life skills

Addressed issue where Life Skills would not use the correct Effort Legend, resulting in hidden data


Student Analysis

Assignment Column headers displaying hidden value

In some configurations where a filter strand was being used, column headers reflected the filter strand rather than the defining parent grouping at the top of the assessments section. The assessments section now shows the parent group as the column header.


Student Analysis

Comment with just white space will corrupt Student Analysis

Student Analysis now prevents saving a corrupting comment.


Student Analysis

Term box appears when the only calculation is a hidden calculation

Term box will recognize when there are no visible calculations and will not display


Student Analysis

Assignment sorting issue

Earlier, Student Analysis was not clearly reflecting the sort of assignments used by the engine when the Due Date is the same. Primarily affects most recent. The issue has been fixed and now it reflects the sorting of engine when equivalent Due Date.


Student Analysis

Comment font size

Student Analysis Comment font size is now reflective of the font size for other parts of the screen.


Student Analysis

Outcome issue under Student Analysis

Upon updating Professional Judgment, the saved Professional Judgment would sometimes update the wrong rows. The updated results are now placed in the correct rows.


Trillium Integration

Trillium Integration: Class/Term pairs

Updated the Trillium Integration such that it pulls in the direct links of Class Section and Reporting Periods


UAS - all screensClass listing issueClasses are now listed in an alphabetical order.AA-3178


Need Assistance? 

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Should you run into any problems with applying the update, please contact our help desk. If clients hosting their own instance of StudentsAchieve would like PowerSchool to perform the update on their behalf, contact PowerSchool Technical Solutions Group for information concerning scope, cost, and availability of services.

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