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TWebSchAdmin Update 5.40.60


TWebSchAdmin v.5.40.60 - August, 2018

You must be running TWebSchAdmin v.5.40.50 or higher before updating to this version.

TWebSchAdmin 5.40.60 is compatible with:

  • Core Trillium v.4.00.00 and higher;
  • Landing page v.5.40.30
  • CAS Central Authorization System v.
  • You must be running Java 8.



TWebSchAdmin download is here.

Release Notes

FunctionAreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA: Trill-

TWebSchAdmin 5.40.60 is now certified with the latest Java 8.0.172 and Tomcat version v.8.5.31

Note: TWebSchAdmin now supports only a Java 8 environment. More information, including a link to installation files, is  here.

Tomcat 8.5.31 allows the deployment of multiple versions of a web application with the same context path at the same time. These multiple versions can exist simultaneously. All end users will be gradually forwarded to the latest version without restarting the Tomcat service after upgrading web apps. As a result, boards will enjoy zero-downtime deployment. 
Refer to our Tomcat Parallel Deployment Deployment Guide here.

Admin AttendanceClass Group AttendanceA new confirmation message displays when Attendance is taken for the entire school. All Attendance Types except G-day will trigger the message.
Admin AttendanceAdmit SlipsWe enhanced the Individual Attendance and Admit Slip pages to remember the values used for the previous student when entering the Attendance Entry fields such as ReportAs, Reason and Entry Mode.  These values will be remembered when you return to the page, until you log out.  
Admin AttendancePeriod AttendanceSchools were not able to save a G-day Attendance record while signing out for a Period that already had a sign-in record. We fixed that. Here's an example of the issue: Suppose a student arrives at school at 9:50 am (during a block that is 8-11). Then you record that she leaves at 10:15 because she is sick. This worked. What didn't work: Rather than leaving sick, record she leaves at 10:15 under a G code for a cultural activity organized by the school; the system didn't let you keep both (regardless of your answer to a message indicating that there is already attendance taken).
Demit Student
The Next School BSID field is now mandatory when the Departure Reason is "Transferred Prior to Completion - To This School Board" in the student DEMIT/NO SHOW pop-up window. An error message, "Mandatory Field," displays if the field is empty.
EAS/Class Subjects

When accessing the Subjects Assigned to Class information for a Class without a Second Teacher assigned, you no longer encounter a "session expired" error.



SASCopy Stud. Subject AssignmentWhen copying Subject assignments for a student, if the student already has an Achievement record for the same Subject and Report Period, the "Technical problem has occurred" error will no longer be generated.035994404160
SASCompulatory CreditsProcessing of Equivalent Credit Courses for students working on an OSSC award will now successfully count Geography, History and Arts credits as Compulsory Credits.
SASCompulatory CreditsStudents who had previously worked on an OSSC and are now working on an OSSD do not have their Compulsory Credit information display correctly. We fixed that, to ensure the student's most-recent award is identified as the one to consider when performing Compulsory Credit calculations.
SchedulingFTEStudents who had more than one home school during the academic year, and who had been shared to multiple schools during the year, are having the most-recent home school identified on their shared school enrolment records. As a result, their minutes of instruction at the shared school are reported only through their most-recent home school. We fixed that. A script will be available in the near future to help identify and correct the students having this issue.
SecuritySecurity Tasks

We created a new security task, Attendance Achievement Report to control access to the Attendance/Achievement Report, instead of it being included under the Secondary Achievement Reports task. Please adjust your security roles accordingly, to ensure the desired users have, or continue to have, access to this report.

Note: You'll need to upgrade to Trillium Reports 5.41.00 (scheduled for release at the end of August) in order to see the report through the reports button of TWebSchAdmin.

Student Maintenance
Schools will now be able to share a student in the current year to the same school that the student has been preregistered at for the next school year. For example, an elementary student can be shared to a secondary school this year, even though the student is preregistered at the same secondary school for the following school year.035858423966
Student MaintenanceAdd New StudentSchools who had created a new Program encountered an error indicating that the student's Program was not available when they attempted to register a student into the Program for the first day of the Program. We fixed that.035813444562
Student MaintenanceAdd New StudentWhen a student is enrolled in a Continuing Education school, their Transcript School has been automatically changed to that school, instead of determining whether the Con-Ed school would accept OSRs. We fixed that.

03585902, 03581674, 03597366

Student MaintenanceAdd New StudentWhen adding a student to a summer school, the cohort field on the Add New Student screen was not always populated with the student's cohort information. We fixed that.03590419, 035833094431
Student MaintenanceDemit/Noshow StudentsSchools are now able to demit students from a Continuing Education school while the student is concurrently active at a day school.036448144739/4515
Student MaintenanceAdd New ContactWhen adding a new Contact, the Gender values of X (Neither M/F) and N (Not Disclosed) are no longer available. These values are only appropriate for students, and will be available in a future release. Any genders of X or N currently recorded for a Contact will be updated to U (Unknown) as part of the upgrade package.
Student MaintenanceAddressesSome users encountered the situation where a valid address was unable to be saved a second time. We fixed that.
Student MaintenanceAddressesSome addresses, while they could be added successfully the first time, generated "Street Does Not Exist' message when you attempt to select the street from the picklist. We resolved that.
Student MaintenanceAddressesWhen adding a new address or editing an existing address for a student, the corresponding address for their siblings or contacts will receive the same priority value, as long as the sibling or contact does not have any other active addresses. If the sibling or contact has an active address then the new address will be given a lower priority.
Student MaintenanceFSL

The validation messages for French as a Second Language minutes of instruction have been changed to warnings to match the corresponding OnSIS validation.

Student MaintenancePhonesTelephone numbers with comments that include an ampersand can now be saved successfully.035890414033
Student MaintenanceRegistrationDuring the Online Registration of a student born outside of Canada, the Province of birth was set to 'ON' by default. We included a script in the main upgrade package to remove "ON" province for these students. TWebOLR 1.71.10 corrects this issue.
Student MaintenanceSheltered Students

You no longer need the security task STUMNT – Demo – Sheltered Display to modify the Sheltered Student checkbox. You must have either STUMNT – Demo – Sheltered Modify or STUMNT – Demo – Sheltered Entry.

Note: STUMNT – Demo – Sheltered Entry will only allow you to select the Sheltered Student flag when it is empty. If you have only this security task, you're not able to clear the Sheltered Student checkbox.

Student MaintenanceShare Student

TWebSchAdmin 5.40.45 included a change that restricted the sharing of students to only students who were currently active at the home school. We've rescinded this change. Schools have expressed the need to share students while they are pre-registered at their home school.

Note: The students cannot be activated at the shared school until they are active at their home school.

Student MaintenanceShare StudentA student who transfers from his home school to his shared school can now be successfully shared back to his previous home school.
Some shared schools are not being identified correctly, resulting in additional enrolment records being included under the transportation TWebIS extract. We made modifications to ensure the student's registration record correctly identifies the type of school they're attending (e.g. Home, Shared, Continuing Ed).

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