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TWebEA: Update v.


TWebEA October, 2017 


This release is for Oracle databases only, and contains fixes for 1-8 Report Cards.
This version is compatible with Core Trillium 3.16.00 and higher

NOTE: You must be running at least TWebEA v.5.40.00 before updating to this version


Board Groups Application - Oracle databases only 

Due to the last modification of the database in our v.5.40.10 update, there might be a problem using Elementary Achievement and Elementary Achievement Simple criteria types in Board Groups application. The issue might occur on creating a criterion with a Comment field (e.g. Music subject comment, Dance subject comment etc.) or in using such a criterion to build a member list. Please do not use comments-dependent criteria for creating member groups in the Board Groups application if you have an Oracle database.

We'll provide a fix in November or December, 2017.


Release Notes

AreaFunctionDetailsClient Ticket #
Report Cards1-8 Report CardsOracle ONLY: We've fixed the problems TWebEA 5.40.10 created in printing Report Cards for Grades 1-8 with Oracle databases. You can now print Report Cards for all Elementary Classes in Oracle databases.136324,136460, 136333, 136461, 136533, 136577

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