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TWebSchAdmin Update 5.42.40


TWebSchAdmin v.5.42.40 - August 2020

The server must be running TWebSchAdmin v. before updating to this version.

TWebSchAdmin 5.42.40 is compatible with:

  • Core Trillium v.4.13.20 or higher
  • Landing page v.5.40.60 or higher
  • CAS Central Authorization System v.2.10.00


TWebSchAdmin 5.42.40 download is here.

Release Notes

FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA
Student MaintenanceStudents assigned to student groups can now be successfully demitted without generating a database error.04672377TRILL-8976

Elementary Achievement Setup

Schools can now assign non-coed Health or Physical Education subjects to students with gender values of S or N without encountering the error 'The subject and gender combination are not valid for the following students:'.04994846TRILL-9439
Transcript InformationA new value of 'Upgrading Credit' is available in the Other Course Information. The field is enabled for courses added through this window. 
Secondary Achievement SetupA new trigger has been added to the database to ensure that schools no longer encounter an issue running Final Marks and Credit Calculations.  The trigger ensures that the designated school BSID and CTCC BSID fields are set as null instead of blank.05033958TRILL-9507

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