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TWebOLR Update v.1.72.20


TWebOLR 1.72.20 - April 2019


  • Core Trillium v. CT 4.00.00 and higher
  • Trillium Agent v. 2.92.00
  • Via Online Forms (OLR and Demographic Updater) 3.7.10
  • Via Platform 1.3.10
  • TWebServices-Auth v.5.41.00


Download is here.

Release Notes

FunctionalityDetailsClient Ticket No.JIRA
Migrate StudentsA new field Entered Canada as Refugee has been added to the schema. When the Student's Status in Canada = "Refugee", the Entered Canada as Refugee flag is set to 'On' during the migration process.04289949TRILL-6540
Migrate StudentsThe Preferred Surname field's max length has been increased to match Legal Surname. This fix allows data to be migrated without errors.04315442TRILL-6717
Migrate StudentsTranslation corrections have been made in the French version for error messages encountered when migrating students.04321163TRILL-6776
Migrate Students

Contacts with a relationship type of 'Doctor' can now be successfully migrated to Trillium as a student contact. Contacts with this relationship type will NOT appear under the Medical information for the student.


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