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TWebSchAdmin Update 5.42.20


TWebSchAdmin v.5.42.20 - March 2020

The server must be running TWebSchAdmin v.5.42.10 before updating to this version.

TWebSchAdmin 5.42.20 is compatible with:

  • Core Trillium v.4.13.00 or higher
  • Landing page v.5.40.60 or higher
  • CAS Central Authorization System v.2.10.00


TWebSchAdmin download is here.

Release Notes

FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA

Transcript Information

Course titles containing ampersands are now displayed correctly when viewed through the Transcript Information window.03822167TRILL-7338
Board Student SearchThe OCAS eTMS file is now produced with the correct French character encoding (UTF-8) setting.04587074TRILL-8507
Counsellor ContactTrillium no longer restricts the entering of counsellor contact notation to SAL and absent students. Counsellor contact notations can now also be entered for G days.04335249TRILL-8543
Add New StudentThere was an issue where adding a Grade 9 student into a Grade 8 Summer school for the previous school year was changing the student's literacy diploma requirements to 'N/A'.  This has been corrected.  04779392TRILL-9025
Transcript InformationThe Transcript Information window only enabled the new Other Credit Information fields when the course had been created through the achievement process.  These fields should only be enabled for courses that were added directly through Transcript Information.  This has been corrected.04768950TRILL-8985
Elementary Achievement SetupWhen generating Physical Education and Health subjects for classes that have not been identified as co-ed, any students with a gender of S or N will not have an achievement record created for that subject.  The school can use the Subject Assignment by Student page to assign the student to the appropriate subject and teacher.  For co-ed classes, all students will have achievement records generated.
GeneralThe preference to indicate whether the student photo file name includes the OEN or student number is now being utilized.  Photos using the student OEN can now be displayed within the student header section on SchAdmin pages.  


Enrolment MaintenanceOnSIS now requires the number of days a student resides at a CTCC facility to be reported.  Within Enrolment Maintenance, a new button is available to adjust the number of days being reported for students.  Please refer to the PowerSchool Community article for details.
GeneralThis release contains the necessary changes to support the new gender values of S and N.  Once the standalone table update has been run to add the new gender values, the Demographics and Add New Student windows will display the new gender values.  When the gender value of S (Self-Identified) is selected, a new gender identity field is visible and mandatory.  Reports and student headings in various pages of SchAdmin will display the new gender values.

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