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Core Trillium Update


Core Trillium v. - July 2021


Core Trillium download is here.

Release Notes

We recommend that schools rebuild their FT/PT minutes using the Rebuild tab of Load Students to ensure that all new changes below are applied, and to ensure the correct calculation for students who have switched schools.

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA
Load StudentsWhen used for a quad or octomester school, the Rebuild FT/PT minutes did not process students who had no scheduled courses, or students who entered and departed the course on the same day. Changes have been made to include these students in the rebuild of the minutes for the entire school. Note: Rebuilding the minutes of an individual student in this situation will not result in the student's minutes or enrolment register value changing.
Load StudentsThe Rebuild FT/PT minutes calculation was enhanced to improve handling of students with multiple home and shared school departures05635592TRILL-10184
ReportsThe Enrolment Register for Quad/Octo schools have been modified. Students who appeared on the Part Time register for one half of the year and the Full Time register for the other will no longer display minutes for both October and March on both registers. Only the minutes that are applicable to that register will be displayed, resolving the issue with additional minutes being included in the enrolment totals.
ReportsStudents arriving after Oct 31 or March 31 with FTE to report for those dates did not always appear on the enrolment registers. This has been corrected.05607521TRILL-10248

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