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Trillium OnSIS: Update v. 4.07.30


Trillium OnSIS v.4.07.30 - September 2022


This version is compatible with Core Trillium 4.15.01 and higher.

OnSIS Reminder

Do not use Excel to edit, modify or save your CSV files, as it changes the formatting and causes errors during the loading of these files. Use Notepad to edit, modify, or save those files.


Download OnSIS 4.07.30 here

HotFix 1

Issue #1: In some situations, secondary school students who had departed in the March submission were being included in the June submission. This has been corrected.

Issue #2: When creating secondary school submission files for schools who shared the same bsid, student's course information was being duplicated and reported under both schools.  This has been corrected.

Release Notes

FunctionDescriptionClient ticket #JIRA
Snapshot & ReportsStudents with ended FSL second language program information are no longer reported with ‘ADD’ records in the transmission file, nor counted twice in the Section F report. 06231082TRILL-10592
SnapshotWhen processing a high volume of report card information, some schools encountered an issue with subject information failing to be reported.  This has been corrected.06569779TRILL-10643

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