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Core Trillium Update


Core Trillium v. - May 2022

When upgrading to this version, clients must also upgrade at the same time to TwebSchAdmin 5.44.30, TwebSchool 5.45.00, and TrilliumReports 5.45.20 or higher. 

This limitation is a result of the new online learning fields that are required for the report cards, transcripts and compulsory credit calculation.

Note the previously released TrillRpts 5.45.00 required clients to also upgrade to TwebEA 5.44.30.  If you are upgrading your TrillRpts to 5.45.00 or higher, also plan on upgrading your version of TwebEA.


Core Trillium download is here.

Release Notes

HotFix 1:

Issue 1: A value of N for a Learning skill will now print on the secondary report cards.  

AreaDetailsClient Ticket #JIRA
Add New StudentOracle clients will no longer encounter a ‘null value’ error for the online learning code when adding a new student to Trillium.




The online learning credit values now print under the correct column on the graduation requirements page of the secondary report cards.

Compulsory Credit CalculationsWhen recalculating compulsory credits after changing a student’s cohort the online learning code is now successfully updated.06319309TRILL-10617

Modifications have been made to the Enrolment Register (Secondary Quad/Octomester Only) to ensure that a consistent value is reported for the March minutes and FTE in the summary section, when generating the enrolment register for April, May and June.

ReportsWhen printing the Quadmester/Octomester version of the enrolment registers, a modification has been made to ensure that the minutes for each quad or octomester is displayed in the student summary section.06240547TRILL-10603

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