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TrilliumReports: Update v.5.44.00


TrilliumReports v.5.44.00 - January 2021


Compatible with Core Trillium 4.14.10 and higher.
If you have not already done so, you must update to TrilliumReports prior to installation.


TrilliumReports 5.44.00 download is here.

Release Notes

FunctionDetailsClient Ticket #


Attendance Profile Report

Printing Attendance Profile Report from TWebAttendance generates blank page for some users. This issue has been fixed.

Note: Attendance Profile Report from TWebAttendance module and TWebSchAdmin and Trillium Reports will be controlled based on the new TWeb Attendance Profile Report security task. Attendance, Reports and Inquiry screens security task will not affect Attendance Profile Report hereafter.

Daily Attendance RecordThe Ministry's new rules for reporting students who have Oct FTE to report but who do not enter school until after Oct 30th requires that the days between Oct 30 and the student's arrival date at the school be reported on the Daily Attendance Record as Non-Instructional days. The Daily Attendance Record has been modified to meet this new requirement.
TranscriptsThe Ontario Transcript has been modified to ensure that students earning the OSSD 1999 diploma in 2021-2022 with 20 or more community hours will have the 'Completed' checkbox checked.

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