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Prepare for the Parent Data Integration

Enable the PowerSchool SIS student integration

Before setting up the PS SIS parent integration, you must complete the PS SIS student data integration in Naviance.

If your district is using PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) Student Integration already, you can proceed to the next step.

If your district is not using PowerSchool SIS Student Integration, go to Configure PS SIS Student Integration and follow the steps to configure PowerSchool SIS Student Data Integration. After setting up Student Data Integration, perform an import. After Student Data Integration is running, you can proceed to the setup and use the PS SIS Parent Data Integration.

Review the PowerSchool SIS parent field mapping template

Learn more about the PowerSchool data fields to import and how they match with Naviance fields.

Prepare the PowerSchool SIS

  1. Install the Naviance plugin. You must have at least PowerSchool SIS version 22.7 and plugin version 1.2.14. It will auto upgrade to 1.2.16.

  2. Enable the Naviance plugin. Copy the Client IDClient Secret, and PowerSchool SIS URL to be used when completing the Naviance Data Integration Setup.

  3. Review parent and contact account details in PowerSchool SIS to ensure accounts are created correctly in Naviance. For all parent or contacts you plan to import, ensure:

    • Active is selected.

    • Lives With, Has Custody, or both are selected.

    • An address, phone number, and email address are included if importing that information. Only the first listed will be imported.

Update SchoolSync

Remove any fields you will import via the SIS integration from your automated SchoolSync imports, and then update field mapping in Naviance.

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