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Set up reporting

To access Reports, Reports 2.0, and Reports 3.0 in Naviance and Naviance District Edition, you must ensure that user roles have the following permissions assigned.

Assign school-level user permissions to district users if you want them to access school-level data.

District user role permission


View district reports

Access the Analytics section and all district reports.

School user role permission


Email and schedule reports

Email all reports.

You can no longer email scheduled reports.

View Analytics tab

Access the Analytics tab.

By default, this permission also gives access to all Reports 2.0, Naviance Insights, and the Student Readiness Report. You must assign permission for each report you want the user to review. Otherwise, the Reports feature does not display any reports.

View career reports

Access career reports from Reports.

View college reports

Access college reports from Reports.

View planner reports

Access success planning Reports from Reports.

View scholarship reports

Access scholarship reports from Reports.

View student reports

Access student reports from Reports.

View test score reports

Access score reports from Reports.

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