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Send Documents with eDocs

You can send and track documents to Parchment, Scribbles, or Common App member institutions using Naviance eDocs. Submit application materials for institutions that are not members of Parchment, Scribbles, or Common App in another manner.

Transcripts submitted electronically via Naviance are considered official even without an attached seal. When transcripts are sent to Parchment® schools, they include a cover letter and notice from Parchment informing the college that this is an official transcript.

After you have prepared documents for a student and they are ready to submit, navigate to the student's folder and select Send from the eDocs section.

Navigate to the Application Manager to review a list of all students for whom you need to prepare and submit documents.

From the Send Dashboard:

  • Filter colleges by Deadline Date and Student Submission.
  • Review the status symbols key.

    The status may display Not Available if:

    • The required Common App forms are not complete.
    • All required documents are not prepared or uploaded.
    • You have not completed the Common App integration at your school for the current academic year.
    • The maximum number of teacher letters of recommendation was submitted for a college.
  • Review the document status for one-and-done documents and documents for specific institutions.
  • Transcripts are automatically associated with the corresponding Common App form.
  • Click document pills to display status errors or prepare documents.
  • Letters of recommendation for specific colleges are available to submit to the college.
  • Letters of recommendation uploaded to fulfill a general request display Not Requested.

Submit to Common App

Common App requires you to send an associated form with all documents, including transcripts, teacher recommendations, and counselor evaluations. The following materials are required for most Common App institutions:

TypeDocumentsAssociated Form
Teacher RecommendationLetter of RecommendationCommon App Teacher Evaluation
Counselor RecommendationCounselor Written EvaluationCommon App Counselor Recommendation
Initial Materials

Initial Transcript

School Profile

Common App School Report
Mid-Year MaterialsMid-Year TranscriptCommon App Mid-Year Report
Final MaterialsFinal TranscriptCommon App Final Report
Optional Materials

Active Transcript

Grade/Report Card

Common App Optional Report 1

Common App Optional Report 2

Explanation of Change

For some self-reporting Colleges, you do not need to submit application materials other than a final transcript. When a student adds a self-reporting college to their active application list, the office status automatically displays Initial Materials Submitted.

After a student completes the Common App matching process, Naviance auto-populates their college list and any Early Decision Agreements or Fee Waivers as part of the Common App integration.

Real-time syncs between the two systems occur when:

  • Students add or remove a Common App fee waiver request.
  • Students submit an application.
  • Students change an application deadline type.
  • Common App colleges download documents.

For up-to-the-minute Common App information, click Refresh CA Data from the Common App section of the Send Dashboard to manually sync a student’s Common App list.

Many application materials you submit to Common App institutions are considered one and done and only need to be submitted once per student. After you submit a one and done document for a student, you do not need to submit it again if the student adds more Common App applications to their list. One and done does not mean that you must submit all documents all documents at the same time. For example, you can send the Common App School Report today and the Common App Counselor Evaluation next month.

Submit Documents to Common App

To submit documents to Common App institutions, the student must complete the FERPA waiver on Common App and complete the matching process in Naviance Student.
  1. Navigate to any student folder and select Send from the eDocs section.
  2. From Common App, click Submit Documents.
  3. Select the documents to submit.

    After you submit forms, you cannot cancel, delete, or retract the submission. Review forms carefully before submitting them.
  4. Click Submit Selected. Documents display submitted after the submission is complete. If a document submission fails, click the corresponding document pill to display troubleshooting information.

Common App Fee Waiver

Students must request a Common App fee waiver from their Common App account. After they make the request, the Documents Sent to All Common Applications section displays an alert to sign the waiver. Click Sign Waiver and complete the form. Naviance immediately sends the form to Common App, and you do not need to submit it again if the student adds additional applications.

Early Decision Agreements

If a student indicates they are applying Early Decision I or II from their Common App account, the Send Documents page displays a notification for the corresponding college. Click Approve and complete the form. The form is submitted immediately to Common App for that institution.

Resend Documents if a Student is No Longer Applying Via Common App

If you submit documents to the Common App for a student and the student then decides to not apply via Common App, you must update the application's Delivery Type and then send the documents via Parchment or Scribbles.

Send Corrected Transcripts to Common App Institutions

To send an updated transcript to a Common App institution, prepare the Common App Optional Report 1 or Common App Optional Report 2. Then, upload the corrected transcript as an Optional Transcript 1 or Optional Transcript 2.

You can only submit the Common App Optional Report 2 if you have already submitted the Common App Optional Report 1.

Send a Final Transcript to Common App Institutions

Before you can submit a final transcript to a Common App college:

  • You must first send initial materials to that college.
  • You or the student must set the school as the attending college.
  • You must prepare the Common App Final Report. Common App requires that the Common App Final Report must accompany the final transcript.

After the criteria is met, you can submit the Final Report to the Common App college set as the student's attending college. After the Final Report has been submitted, you can no longer submit documents to that college.

To send a Final Report to an additional Common App college, the student must first set that college as their attending.

Submit to Parchment or Scribbles

Before submitting documents, ensure that you web browser is updated.

Document submissions to Parchment and Scribbles institutions are not one and done. You must submit documents for each Parchment or Scribbles destination on a student’s list.
  1. Navigate to any student folder and select Send from the eDocs section.
  2. From Parchment or Scribbles, click Submit Documents.
  3. Optionally, click Expand All or expand specific applications.
  4. Select the application or specific documents to send.
  5. Click Submit Selected. The document status automatically changes from pending to submitted.

Manage Other Delivery Types

If schools do not accept electronic document submissions using Naviance eDocs, you must submit them in another manner. However, you can download documents in a printable PDF and mark documents as submitted.

  1. Navigate to any student folder and select Send from the eDocs section.
  2. From Other Delivery Types, click Mark as Submitted.
  3. Optionally, click Expand All or expand specific applications.
  4. Select the application or documents to mark submitted.
  5. Click Only Mark as Submitted or Print & Mark As Submitted. The document status automatically changes from pending to submitted.

Print Documents

Print documents that are uploaded and forms that are prepared.

  1. Navigate to any student folder and select Send from the eDocs section.
  2. Click Print Documents.
  3. From the list of Documents Available to Print, choose one of the following options:
    1. Select all documents to print.
    2. Choose Counselor Documents, Teacher Documents, or Transcripts to print all documents in the corresponding category.
    3. Click Expand All and choose specific documents to print.
  4. Click Print Selected to prepare a PDF file including all selected documents.
  5. Open the download file and print the documents.
Naviance does not store download files. To print or access a download file at a later date, save the download file locally.
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