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Data Export CP 2.0

Use the Data Export (CP 2.0) feature to export student course plan data from Naviance and import the data file into your Student Information Schedule to assist with course scheduling.

Manually export data as needed or create an automated export to a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

If you do not have SFTP credentials from Naviance, contact Naviance Support to obtain credentials before enabling the SFTP export.

To further protect sensitive data in Naviance, you must confirm your identity by entering a verification code. When navigating to the Data Export CP 2.0 feature, a verification code is automatically generated and sent to the email address registered with your Naviance account.

To successfully receive the email from Naviance, ensure the following:

  • The email address registered with your user account is correct.
  • Your school or district has whitelisted
  1. Navigate to the gear icon, then select Setup.
  2. Choose Data Export (CP 2.0).
  3. Find the automatically generated email with the verification code.
  4. Enter the One-Time Verification Code and click Confirm.

  5. Select an Export Format.
    • School export formats

      • One line per student plan: High School, Student ID, Class Year, First Name, Last Name, Counselor, Counselor ID, Status, Plan Type, Student Last Update, Plan Name, Grade, Target High School Name, Course Names, and Course IDs.

      • One course per line: High School Name, Student ID, Class Year, First Name, Last Name, Status, Plan Type, Student Last Update Date, Plan Name, Grade, Course ID, Course Name, and Target High School Name

    • District export formats:

      • One course per line: Student ID, Course ID, Status, and Target High School ID

      • One line per student plan: Student ID, Course ID, Status, Target High School ID, Course ID, and Course Name.

  6. Select the school year during which classes will be taken.
  7. Select a Grade/Class Year or a grade range.
  8. Select a Plan of Study.
  9. Select Plan Status.
  10. To export student course plan data, click Export Course Plans or enable SFTP Export, then click Save Settings.
    • Naviance will run the export nightly and store it in their SFTP site until you set up SFTP from your SIS or from an SQL Server via an import file builder.
    • To make changes to the SFTP export, update the report settings, then click Save Settings.

      Export course plan data to a CSV file before enabling the SFTP export to review the data and consider which fields in your SIS correspond to the Naviance fields.
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