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Get Started with Naviance

To start using the Naviance College, Career, and Life Readiness solution:

  1. Learn about Naviance and its features for district staff, school staff, and students.
  2. Determine how your school or district wants users to log in to their respective platforms.

    The login option you select may impact the data that you need to import.
  3. Define the data to import, determine the import method, and import the data.
  4. Prepare staff user roles.
  5. Set up Naviance and school-level preferences to enhance the capabilities of various features.
  6. Customize Naviance Student to provide a unique experience for each grade level at your school.
  7. Optionally:
    1. Customize college planning tools to provide a unique experience for your school.
    2. Set up eDocs so you can submit college application materials for students electronically. You must have an eDocs subscription.
    3. Set up Success Planner to assign students activities to complete in Naviance Student and track completion rates by school or by district.
    4. Set up work-based learning to share events and opportunities with your students.
    5. Set up Course Planner so students can create course plans in Naviance Student. You must have a Course Planner subscription.

Review the topics in the Naviance help center for more information on other available features.

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