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cURL Statement Errors

During the process of setting up cURL for a school or district, you may encounter some of these errors due to invalid formatting.

Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl.

Check what version of cURL is being used. The version may be wrong for the operating system or it may be outdated.

Invalid account, username, or key.

When you set up cURL at the school level, make sure you have a school-level account and use the account name, user name, and the data import key listed on your data import page when you log in to your account.

If you are setting up cURL at the district level, use the district account name, user name, and import key.

Cannot find code mappings.

You encounter this error when there is a field that has custom mapping requirements that have not been set up such as home rooms, student groups, gender, counselor ID, and ethnicity. Before importing these fields, set the values in the system.

Could not open file.

This error occurs when the path location for your file is incorrect or invalid. Macintosh users must list the file in the folder.

Could not resolve Host.

This error occurs if you have spaces, misspellings or incorrect file path. Make sure you do not have -F in front of the web service address, which is listed at the end of each statement.

No URL specified.

This error occurs when you are pointing to the wrong account. For example, you are trying to set up school level cURL and you are preparing a statement for the district level cURL.

'-F' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.

This error occurs:

  • When you have extra spaces or a lack of spaces between sections in the statement.
  • If you have hard returns in your statement.

The curl file should have a space before and after –F for each of the sections and no hard returns.

'Https:' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.

This error happens when you have hard returns in your statement or if you have used spaces instead of underscores.

Error setting certificate verify locations.

The certificate has an issue. Download the CACERT.PEM file again.

Cannot find state.

This error is a specific error relating to home rooms.

  • Make sure home rooms are set up in all schools.
  • If one of the schools is missing home rooms, then the cURL import fails.
  • Check for duplicate home rooms

You must complete a manual import or analysis for this data type before scheduling an automatic import.

Check the district or school account to ensure a manual import was completed to map the fields in your file to the correct fields in Naviance.

Check to make sure that you have entered the correct file type in the cURL statement.

Your account is not active.

Make sure that you are logging in to the correct account.

  • You cannot set up cURL for the school level as a district user.
  • You must have a school user account to set up cURL at the school level.

Ensure you are creating the correct statement for your account type.

Missing state exam code.

This error occurs when in the cURL statement, State_exam_code is misspelled or there is no valid code listed for the state exam code. Within the cURL statement, the use of underscores is mandatory because cURL is DOS based.

Warning: Illegally formatted input field Option -F is badly used here.

This error means that there may be an extra space in one of the sections, for example: -F username =Naviance_importer

The space behind username gives you this error.

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