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Create and Manage the Student Readiness Report

Create the Student Readiness Report (SRR)

  1. Navigate to Analytics and select Student Readiness Report.

  2. Choose Create New Report.

  3. Optionally, filter students by class year, group, or both.

    You must select a school when creating the SRR from the district level.
  4. Select Student Name and click Add All, or select specific students and click Add.

  5. Click Report Details.

  6. From Prepare Details:

    1. Enter a report name. The report's name is visible to parents.

    2. Choose to track signatures or not. A signature page is included in the report when you track signatures.

    3. Select Customize Report.

  7. From Customize Report:

    1. Add or remove sections from the report.

      Clients with a Course Planner subscription can choose from a limited number of sections.

    2. Optionally, customize the report text for each section.
    3. Click Review and Generate.
    4. Click Save custom text if you have customized the report sections or text.
  8. From Review and Generate, review the report details and then click Generate Reports.

Review and Manage the SRR

  1. Navigate to Analytics and select Student Readiness Report.
  2. Review the number of electronic signatures received or missing if you selected to track signatures for the report.

    Parent/Guadian Signatures displays Not Required if you are not tracking signatures.
  3. Click the eye icon to preview the selected reports.
  4. Optionally, from the details page:
    1. Click Share to send an email to parents using the SRR template.
    2. Click Download All Reports to download the reports in a bulk PDF.
    3. Click download to download a PDF copy of an individual student's SRR.

      Alternatively, click View as Parent from the parent's folder to review the SRR for the student.
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