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Student Readiness Report

Student Readiness Report Overview

The Naviance Student Readiness Report (SRR) is a shareable and personalized report that outlines student progress toward college and career readiness, provides next-step recommendations for parents and guardians, and helps guide students toward successful post-secondary pathways.

For counselors and administrators, the report:

  • Aggregates student information content that shows progress and recommended next steps.
  • Can be shared with parents and guardians to increase communication about students' academic performance, coursework, and career interests.

For parents and guardians, the report:

  • Provides insight into their student's future goals.
  • Shares their student's progress toward achieving those goals.
  • Offers discussion points to facilitate meaningful conversation.
The Student Readiness Report is available with a Naviance Insights Premium or Course Planner subscription. Course Planner subscribers without a subscription to Naviance Insights Premium will only have access to the Courses Section of the Student Readiness Report.

Report Sections

Choose to include any of these ten sections when creating the SRR.

Introductory LetterAn introductory letter. Write a custom letter or use the default letter.
How to Read the ReportInformation to help parents or guardians initiate conversations about postsecondary readiness with their students. Enter custom content or use the default information.
Academic PerformanceA high-level overview of the student's current academic performance, which includes information such as postsecondary plan, GPA, key test scores, college credits taken, and more.
Course Plan and Course History

An overview of the student's Plan of Study and progress toward completing the plan. Requires a Course Planner subscription.

The credits earned and grades awarded for courses included in the student course data import. Available with or without a Course Planner subscription.

TasksA list of assigned tasks completed by the student since they began using Naviance.
Postsecondary EducationThe student's plan for their postsecondary education, information about their colleges of interest such as average GPA, average SAT, average tuition, and fees, and the student's active and submitted applications.

Information about careers, clusters, and pathways favorited by the student or in which students will likely find success if Career Cluster Finder or Career Key have been taken. If none are favorited and no assessments have been taken, then this section displays the 16 national career clusters.

Self-Discovery Assessments

Information the student has learned about themselves from the Career Key, Career Cluster Finder, and StrengthsExplorer assessments to help with goal creation, pathway planning, and developing perseverance strategies.


Thoughts on the student's college, career, and life readiness, including journal entries added by staff, shared with the student, and guardians. This section does not display journal entries shared only with the student or only with guardians.

Signature PageA signature page for the school, student, and the parent or guardian signatures if you choose to track signatures.

Best Practices and Tips

To make using the Student Readiness Report as effective as possible for your school, students, and parents or guardians, consider the following before using the report:

  • What are your goals and expected outcomes for using the Student Readiness Report and sharing it with parents and guardians?
  • How do you want to share the report with parents and guardians?
  • Do you want parents and guardians to sign the report?
  • Do you want to import data to populate sections and fields in the report?
  • Have students completed Naviance Student activities that populate the report?
  • How will you prepare staff, parents, and guardians to use the report?
  • Do all school staff that need to access the report in Naviance have the permission to View Analytics assigned to their user role?
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