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Track Success Planner 2.0

Student folder

To find Success Planner 2.0 details for an individual student, navigate to a student's folder and choose the Success Planner 2.0 section.

From the Success Planner 2.0 section, you can:

  • Review the student’s primary and secondary paths, including the dates selected.

    • To edit the student’s primary or secondary paths, navigate to the Plan section of the student folder.

  • Review Path Task details, including completion status, the date assigned, and more.

  • Export the student’s Success Planner 2.0 details.

You cannot manually mark a Path Task complete for a student.

Activities completed before Path Tasks are enabled do not automatically mark a Path Task complete.

Path Tasks complete outside of their assigned grade level do not mark a Path Task complete.


From Naviance, navigate to Analytics, select Reports 3.0, then choose a report.



Outcomes detail 

Detailed post-secondary outcome data by student 

Outcomes summary 

Aggregate post-secondary outcome data by school 

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