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Success Planner 2.0

Success Planner 2.0 overview

Success Planner 2.0 offers pre-built programs containing Path Tasks that align with students' selected future paths. After enabling Success Planner 2.0, programs are automatically assigned to students according to their grades and selected paths.

Success Planner 2.0 eliminates the need to create tasks and programs and assign them to students.

PowerSchool does not recommend using Success Planner 1.0 and Success Planner 2.0 at the same time.

Program name

Selected path



  • Any

6 - 9


  • College: Associate's Degree

  • College: Bachelor's Degree

10 - 12


  • Career Education or Trade School

  • Apprenticeship Program

  • Employment

10 - 12


  • Military Service

10 - 12


  • Undecided

  • Gap Year or Service Year

10 - 12

For information on the Path Tasks included in each program, review the Success Planner 2.0 scope and sequence.

Success Planner 2.0 process

  1. Set up Success Planner 2.0.

  2. Complete Success Planner 2.0 Path Tasks in Naviance Student.

  3. Track students' Success Planner 2.0 Path Task completion.

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