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Demo Naviance Student

Use the Demo Naviance Student feature to automatically create a demonstration student account and familiarize yourself or others with Naviance Student.

Create a Demo Student

From the Naviance homepage, click Demo Naviance Student to create your demo account and display Naviance Student in Demo mode. In Demo mode, all features are available. From the navigation menu, select another grade from the list to preview that grade level's Naviance Student configuration. 

Most features work as expected, such as:

  • Adding a college to Colleges I'm Thinking About.
  • Adding a college to Colleges I'm Applying To.
  • Requesting a letter of recommendation. You can also cancel a request.
  • Using SuperMatchâ„¢, including saving a search and starting over.
  • Sign up for a college visit.
  • Adding test scores.
  • Searching for scholarships and adding them to your Favorites list.
  • Creating goals.
  • Editing personal information.
  • Using Test Prep.

However, there are a few exceptions.

Graduation SurveyCannot complete or submit the built-in graduation survey.
College Applications

Cannot request transcripts.

Cannot match Common App account.

CurriculumLesson progress is not saved.
AchieveWorks Assessments

Changing your demo student's grade level automatically resets the assessment and erases results. 

College MatchYou can review potential connections but cannot connect.

The scattergram does not display a GPA or test scores for your demo student by default. 

To display this data, you must make your demo student's account active and manually enter a GPA and test scores.


Assigned tasks do not display.

To display assigned tasks, you must make your demo student's account active.

Manage Your Demo Student

Your demo student will be named Demo + user last name and assigned to Grade 12 by default. 

Demo students created in a middle school account are randomly assigned to a grade.

Demo students are inactive by default in Naviance, ensuring that the student account is not included in reporting. To make your demo student account active, click Make Active from the Student Profile page of the student folder.

If your demo student account is active, your demo student data is included in reporting and reflected in class rank calculations. If using eDocs, manually update the Class Size in the School Information form to deduct the number of active demo student accounts at your school.

Find Demo Student Folders

  1. To access your demo student folder, navigate to Students and select Student Search.
  2. Select the Grades/Classes if you have changed the student's grade level.

    By default, Demo Students are in grade 12.
  3. From Status, select inactive only, and then click Find Students.
  4. Select your demo student to display its student folder.
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