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Teacher Desk

Teacher Desk is a Naviance dashboard, just for teachers, that offers a three-step process for submitting letters of recommendation.

When logging into Naviance, users who have the job function of teacher assigned to them immediately have access to the Teacher Desk. If Naviance assigns you a job function other than teacher, you can still prepare teacher letters of recommendation from the eDocs section of the student folder.

Upload letters of recommendation for seniors starting on August 1. If uploaded before August 1, they are archived during the Naviance downtime in July, and you will need to upload the letters of recommendation again.

Basic Workflow

  • Receive email notification of a letter of recommendation request.
  • Log in to Naviance to view the details of the requests on the Teacher Desk dashboard.
  • Click a request to open the Student Request page.
  • From the Student Request page, follow the three steps to submit the recommendation.
    1. Prepare the Common App Teacher Evaluation Form.
    2. Upload a Letter of Recommendation.
    3. Submit Your Files.
The number of steps on the Student Request page may be less than three if your school is not Common App integrated or your counseling department submits the recommendations.

Teacher Desk Dashboard

The Teacher Desk dashboard displays a list of your recommendation requests. Use the options to sort, filter, and search to locate specific recommendation requests.

  • The nearest deadline is the default sort order for displayed lists. Use options to sort the list by First to Last, Last to First, or Requested Date.
  • Enter a name in the Student Search field to locate the student's recommendation details and display their request page.
  • Filters include:
RequestedLetter of recommendation requests for which no steps are completed.
In ProgressLetter of recommendation requests for which at least one step is completed.
SubmittedLetter of recommendation requests that have been submitted to selected schools.

All letter of recommendation requests, regardless of status, including fully canceled requests. A fully canceled request is when the student has canceled the recommendation request for all the schools, not just one.

To display a list of all letter of recommendation requests and manually update the status of a request, including canceling the request, navigate to the teacher recommendation manager.

Student Request Page

From the student request page, you can review student information, the requested colleges' tags, the nearest deadline, request details, and the steps to complete the recommendation request.

Requested college tabs are blue, green, or red depending on the status of that school's request.

  • Blue tabs indicate the request is active but not submitted.
  • Green tabs indicate the request has been submitted.
  • Red tabs indicate the request for that school has been canceled.

Complete the Steps to Fulfill the Request

When fulfilling letter of recommendation requests from Teacher Desk, you are required to complete a maximum of three steps, depending upon the eDocs settings at your school.

  1. Expand the Prepare the Common App Teacher Evaluation Form section, complete the evaluation form, and click Save.

    Select Yes for Do you complete applicants' academic ratings, to display the Ratings section.
  2. Expand the Upload Letter of Recommendation section, click Choose file, and navigate to your saved letter of recommendation. Upload one letter of recommendation for all requested schools.
  3. Click Upload File. Naviance uploads the recommendation for each school requested by the student. For a general request, Naviance uploads the file for each school that the student has added to their active application list to date.
  4. Collapse the Upload Letter of Recommendation section after you receive a notification that your files are ready to submit.
  5. Expand Submit Your Files, if available. Your files are automatically sent, and the submission status updates.

The submission status will update. Submission statuses include Requested, In Progress, Submitted, Failed, Canceled, or Blocked. If the status displays blocked, the maximum number of letters for that school may have already been sent, or you did not have a specific request for that college.

Additional Letter of Recommendation Requests after Submission

You may receive additional requests for specific colleges after you have fulfilled a student's general or specific letter of recommendation requests. Students who made a general request may add more colleges to their list of active applications.

The Teacher Desk does not display letter of recommendation requests for alumni. To display alumni requests, navigate to the student folder or the teacher recommendation manager.

Fulfill Additional Common App Requests

Document submissions to Common App colleges and universities are one and done. If you have already submitted the Common App Teacher Evaluation and letter of recommendation for the student to at least one Common App institution, the documents are automatically submitted to any subsequent Common App requests made by the student. You do not need to take further action in Naviance.

Fulfill Additional Parchment and Scribbles Requests

You must manually submit letters of recommendation to each Parchment and Scribbles institution. Submissions to Parchment and Scribbles member schools are not one and done.

  1. Select the request to display the student's request page. The newly added request has a blue tag.
  2. Expand the Upload Letter of Recommendation section. The section displays the newly added request, and your previously uploaded letter of recommendation is available to submit.

    Upload a letter of recommendation written for a specific Parchment or Scribbles institution from Prepare in the eDocs section of the Student Folder.
  3. Expand the Submit Your Files section to submit the letter of recommendation to the school. The school displays a green tag to indicate submission.

Letter of Recommendation Status Types

Letter of recommendation statuses vary in Naviance.

LocationStatus 1Status 2Status 3Status 4
Naviance Student Letter of Recommendation Request StatusesRequestedIn ProgressSubmittedCanceled
Recommendation Manager StatusesRequestedIn ProgressSubmittedCanceled
Teacher Desk Statuses


In ProgressSubmittedCanceled

Teacher Desk Student Detail Statuses



In Progress






Colleges I'm Applying To StatusesRequestedIn ProgressSubmittedCanceled
eDocs Send Section StatusesIncompleteReady to Send






Ready to Send





The status displays blocked if the college does not accept teacher letters of recommendation or the maximum number of recommendations was already submitted.
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