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eDocs Rollover 2024

Review information on the annual student data rollover.

This year's eDocs rollover will occur on July 25 to July 31. eDocs will be back online on August 1.

During the rollover:

  • eDocs will be completely offline and unavailable, including the eDocs Setup page.
  • The Multiple Transcript Manager will be unavailable.
  • Students will be unmatched from Common App and matching will be unavailable.
  • Students will be promoted to the next grade on July 25.
  • Scholarship deadline years set to recurring will be reset.
  • Students can add colleges to their Colleges I'm Applying To list.
  • Students can request letters of recommendation.

    Student letter of recommendation requests are not deleted during the rollover.

Before July 25:

  • Staff should finish sending application materials for the current school year.
  • Staff should not prepare, upload, or submit documents for the 2024-2025 school year.
  • Teachers should not upload their letters of recommendation or start completing the Common App Teacher Evaluation form.
  • Students should not match their Common App account to their Naviance account.

Starting August 1, staff can prepare, upload, and submit documents for the new school year.

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