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Data Export

Export data from Naviance in a spreadsheet to create a backup copy of your data or import data to your Student Information System (SIS).

Data Export Types

Export DataDescription
Student dataIncludes data from the student folder, such as student name, student number, date of birth, e-mail address, and a unique Naviance ID number.
Parent dataIncludes data from the parent folder, such as parent name, a unique Naviance parent ID number, student name, and a unique Naviance student ID number.
Staff dataIncludes data about school staff members with an active or inactive Naviance account.
Application data

Includes data about college applications tracked in the College Planner area of Naviance, such as the name of the college or university, application status, student ID number, and more. Application Flags are included in a school-level export file. Application Flag Codes populate the last few data columns in a school-level export file. If a flag was selected for that application, the cell displays the number one. Otherwise, the cell displays a zero.

You can also export application data from the pending apps tab of the Application Manager.
PSAT and SAT scoresIncludes PSAT and SAT reasoning scores for students.
PLAN, PreACT, and ACT scoresIncludes PLAN, PreACT, and ACT scores for students.
EXPLORE scoresIncludes EXPLORE scores for students.
SAT Subject scoresIncludes SAT Subject Test scores for students.
AP scoresIncludes AP Test scores for students.
TOEFL scoresIncludes TOEFL scores for students.
Scholarship dataIncludes data for scholarships in the school or district Naviance scholarship database.
College contactsIncludes information for saved contacts in Counselor Community & Contacts.
Student course plansIncludes student ID number, student first name, student last name, course plan status, course plan name, courses selected, and more.

Export Data

To further protect sensitive data in Naviance, you must confirm your identity by entering a verification code. When navigating to the Data Export feature, a verification code is automatically generated and sent to the email address registered with your Naviance account.

To successfully receive the email from Naviance, ensure the following:

  • The email address registered with your user account is correct.
  • Your school or district has whitelisted

  1. Navigate to the gear icon, select Setup, then choose Data Export.

    Alternatively, select Data Export CP 2.0 to export student course plan data.
  2. Find the automatically generated email with the verification code.
  3. Enter the One-Time Verification Code and click Confirm.

  4. Select a Data Type from the list. Choose a starting and ending graduating class, if desired.
  5. Optionally, choose a Grade/Class range. If exporting data for multiple class years, begin with the highest grade level and end with the lowest.
  6. Click Export Data.
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