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Use Student Folders


After completing a student data import or manually adding a student account, folders will be automatically created for students.

To navigate to a student folder use:

  • Search for Student
  • Student Roster
  • Student Search

From the student folders, you can manage student profiles and access student information. The information available in the student folder will vary based on:

  • Your school's Naviance subscription
  • Data imports
  • Student's activity in Naviance Student
  • Staff activity in Naviance
  • Staff user role permissions

View as student

Use View as student to review the student's Naviance Student account.

When using this feature, you have review-only access and cannot edit the account.

You cannot access the Naviance College, Career, and Life Readiness Curriculum lessons or Naviance Test Prep.

  1. Navigate to the selected student folder.
  2. Click View as student. The student's Naviance Student account opens for you to review.

General Student Info

Access the Student Profile, Documents, and Journal sections.


Student Profile

Review and edit student information including:

  • Personal details such as name, contact information, and more.
  • Academic information such as GPA, graduation date, program strength, and more.
  • Parent information such as name, contact information, and more.

You can also:

  • Add parent information.
  • Register students, parents, or guardians for Naviance Student.
  • Reset a Naviance Student password.


Upload and share documents with the student.


Review journal entries written by school staff about the student and journal entries written by the student in Naviance Student.

Activate or inactivate a student account

Inactivate student accounts if you do not want the student's data to be included in reports or historical college application data. Students with inactive accounts cannot log in to Naviance Student.

If you use a demo student or have sample student accounts created, keep their accounts inactive when not in use to exclude their data from Naviance features.
  1. Navigate to the selected student folder.
  2. Select Make active or Make inactive.

    If a student account is inactive, the student cannot log in to Naviance Student. Their account and related data remain in Naviance and can be reactivated; however, inactive student data does not display in reports or in historical college application data.
  3. Click Continue.

    You must search for inactive student accounts by name.

Add a student photo

Add a student photo to help you better identify students.

  1. Navigate to the selected student folder.
  2. From the Personal section, select add a photo.
  3. Click Choose File to locate and open the file.
  4. Click Upload.


Review and manage course-related details if your school or district uses Course Planner.



Review and approve the student's course plans.

Student Course Data

Review the student's course history and current enrollment details, including course name, subject area, teacher, credits earned, and status.


Review, edit, or delete the student's responses to various surveys and the status of any in-progress or incomplete surveys.


Review the student's post-graduation path, including the student's chosen plan for post-graduation, the recommended path, and the outcome reported by the student. Edit the student's primary or secondary path.

Students can set their plan for post-graduation from Future Planning on the Naviance Student homepage or the Game Plan Survey.

Success Planner 2.0

Review a student’s primary and secondary paths, including the dates selected and Path Task details, including completion status, the date assigned, and more. Export the student’s Success Planner 2.0 details.

You cannot manually mark a Path Task complete for a student.

Success Plan 1.0

Review information about the student's success planning activity.



Assign custom, school, and district tasks for the student to complete. Tasks are organized by current, upcoming, and completed tasks. You can also review task details and remove or waive a task.


Review the student's currently assigned program and assign additional programs as needed.
Recent UpdatesReview a log of recent activity by staff, students, and parents related to the student's success planning.
GoalsReview and comment on the student's goals.


Access college planning tools and review a student's college-related activity.


I'm Thinking About

Review, add, and edit a list of institutions the student is considering.

I'm Applying To

Add colleges, and review and edit application details such as status and result.


Review and update milestones for a student's application such as sending transcripts and applying for financial aid.
HistoryReview the activity record for student's active applications.


Review scattergrams to understand the student's admission odds to a certain institution.


Assess comparative data for colleges on the student's list of Colleges I'm Applying To.


Review upcoming, past, and other events the student has attended or plans to attend.


Use the eDocs section to send supporting documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and written evaluations electronically to Common App and Parchment member institutions. Your school must have an active eDocs subscription.



Upload documents and complete forms such as letters of recommendation, School Profile, and complete NACAC and Common App forms.


Send application documents electronically to Common App and Parchment member institutions. Review the status details of submitted and print available documents.

Submission Status

Review the current status of submitted documents.
Previous YearsDisplays the documents prepared and submitted on behalf of the student in previous years.


Review details about the student's scholarship activity and add scholarships for the student.

From Scholarship Applications:

  • Select a scholarship name to display scholarship details.
  • Delete a scholarship for the student.

From Scholarship Applications:

  • Click profile to display scholarship details.
  • Enter information about the student's scholarship application and result.


Review or add the student's standardized test scores.

Add test scores

Review, add, and edit IB, TOEFL, or state test scores for the student.

  1. Click add/edit scores.
  2. Enter the scores.

    Before entering state test scores, you must enable tracking of additional test types.
    Before entering IB scores, you must enable tracking and enter IB courses offered at your school.
  3. Click Update.

Add key test scores

Review, add, and edit SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP, ASVAB, state test scores, and more.

  1. Click Add Score.
  2. From the Choose a Test list, select a test.
  3. Select the Date and Grade.
  4. Enter the scores.
  5. Click Save Scores.


Review the results of a student's assessment activity and reset all assessments except StrengthsExplorer. Select the assessment name to display a full report and additional resources.


Review results of the student's career research, access a list of Naviance suggested career clusters and pathways, and a student's work-based learning activity.

You cannot suggest careers for students.


Review resumes the student has created using the Resume Builder in Naviance Student. Select the resume name or click the printer icon to print or display a copy of the resume.


Review data from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), including enrollment status by term and degrees earned.

Use Naviance Alumni Tracker to automatically populate NSC data in Naviance.
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