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Success Planning in Naviance Student

Success Planning Reference Guide.docx

Use the Planner features in Naviance Student to:

  • Review past and upcoming tasks and to-dos.
  • Manage assigned tasks.
  • Create and manage goals.
  • Create and manage to-do list items, including those created in Naviance Curriculum.

From the Naviance Student homepage, you can:

  • Review Tasks from My School for those with an upcoming due date. By default, Naviance displays three upcoming tasks or to-dos. Click See All in My Planner for a complete list.
  • Check Messages for reminders about an upcoming task due date if your school sends deadline reminders.
Parents and guardians with a Naviance Student account can review their student's goals and tasks and comment on them. Parents and guardians cannot add or complete tasks, to-dos, or goals on behalf of their students.

Planner Home

  1. Select Planner and then select Planner Home to display the Tasks Assigned to Me page.
  2. From My Tasks, review:
    • Tasks you Need to Work On
    • Tasks you've Completed
    • Overdue
    • Tasks for Future Grades
  3. Select a task name to display the task details.
  4. Optionally, from the task details:
    • Select the link to be redirected to the task activity.
    • Click Raise Hand to ask your counselor or teacher a question about the task.
    • Enter a Comment and then click Add Comment to share a comment with your counselor, teacher, parents, and guardians.
    • Click Define your next to-do to add a to-do list item to help you stay on track and reach your goal.
    • Click Mark as Done if your school has instructed you to mark the task complete manually.
    • Download a document.
    • Attach a file related to the task.

The file must be 10MB or less. Naviance supports the following file types:


    • MP4, WMV, MOV
    • WAV, MP3
    • JPG, PNG, GIF
    • PDF
    • ZIP

Naviance does not support MAC documents.


Create goals for yourself and keep track of your progress in achieving them.

Create a Goal

  1. Select Planner and then select Goals.
  2. Click Add and select a goal category.
  3. Enter the information and then click Add.
  4. Optionally:
    • Enter a Comment and then click Add Comment to share the comment with your counselor, teacher, parent, and guardian.
    • Click Define Your Next Step and add a to-do list item to help you stay on track and reach your goal.

Manage a Goal

  1. Select Planner and then select Goals to display any goal categories.
  2. Optionally:
    • Click the comment icon, enter a comment, and then click Add to share it with your counselor.
    • Click the edit icon, edit the goal details, and then click Save.
    • Click the delete icon and then click Delete.
    • Click the goal name and then click Mark as Done.


Use the To-Do feature to add and manage action items to complete.

  1. Select Planner and then select To-Dos.
  2. Click add.
  3. Enter the to-do details and then click Add.

After creating to-dos, use the sort and filter options to organize your to-do list.

You can also review any to-do list items created in Naviance Curriculum lessons.

Calendar View

Use the calendar feature to display upcoming due dates for to-dos and tasks in a calendar.

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