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Manage My Account

Review your personal account information in Naviance or Naviance District Edition.

  1. Navigate to the gear icon and select My Account. My Account displays your account information including name, job title, email, default grade view, user role, and role permissions.
  2. Select edit my profile to update your account information.

    • Select a default grade level from Default Grade View to review student data in Naviance. For example, if you primarily work with 10th-grade students, choose grade 10. When you use the Student Roster or open reports, data will automatically populate for grade 10.
    • If you have a school-level user account and Appear in the list of counselors is selected, select Email Notification Preferences to enable automated emails for college application updates. Talk to your school site manager if you are a counselor and do not have this option in your account.

      Edit the data.

  3. Click Save.
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