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Student Course Data Import Fields


  1. Review the details of student course data fields for import into Naviance via a manual data import or automated import with SFTP.

  2. Note the required data fields and determine the recommended and optional fields you want to import for students.
  3. Download the corresponding course catalog import template from the Naviance Knowledge Base in the PowerSchool Community. Select PowerSchool Community from the Get Help menu in Naviance to access the Community.
  4. Prepare the data to import using the template as a guide.
  5. Import the data using the selected import method.

Student Course Data Import Fields

Data FieldRequirementExampleInformation
Course IDRequiredM460

The local course number for the course; can include a period or forward slash.

If your Student Information System (SIS) has separate fields or tables for current and past courses, you must merge those fields for import into Naviance.

If importing transfer courses for a student, ensure the course ID number already exists in Naviance. If not, you must add those courses to your course catalog before importing student course data.

Grade Level TakenRequired 10

The student's grade level upon completion of the course. Use a digit to indicate the grade.

If you include courses from previous years, ensure those courses are part of your Naviance course catalog. If not, you should import those courses before importing the student course data.

The term is critical when importing multiple records for the same course in the same grade level for a given student, such as one record per semester for two semesters of Biology in grade 11 for student 82457.

Course StatusRequiredCompletedThe status must be Completed or In Progress.
Course NameOptionalBiology

The descriptive course name or title that is presented to students when browsing the Naviance course catalog.

TeacherOptionalSmithThe name of the course instructor.
Credits AttemptedRecommended


The numerical value indicating the credits attempted for the course; Used to calculate credit deficiency.

Credits EarnedRecommended0.5

The numerical value indicating the credits awarded for completion of the course; can include decimal points.

Students' plans of study will not populate with credits earned for previously completed courses, including transfer credits, unless you included them in your Naviance course catalog and the plan of study.
Letter GradeOptionalB+The letter grade awarded for completion of the course.

The number grade awarded for completion of the course.

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