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Deep Linking

Share specific URLs with students via Google Classroom, email, text messages, and more for direct access to the following Naviance Student activities.

Students are directed to the Naviance login page if not already logged in when selecting the URL. After they log in, they are automatically directed to the activity page if the URL is supported by Deep Linking.
Naviance Student FeatureLink
AchieveWorks Intelligences
AchieveWorks Learning and Productivity
AchieveWorks Personality
AchieveWorks Skills
Advanced College Search
Career Cluster Finder
Career Interest Profiler
Career Key
College Events
Colleges I'm Applying To
Colleges I'm Thinking About
College Specific Scholarships
College Match
College Visits
Explore Careers
Explore Career Clusters and Pathways
Game Plan Survey
Graduation Survey
Local Scholarships
Manage Course Plans
My Planner
National Scholarship Search
Resume Builder
Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive
Self-Discovery Homepage
Survey Homepage
Work-Based Learning
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