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Use Reports 3.0

Run a report

  1. Go to Analytics and select Reports 3.0.

  2. Optionally, search for a report to display specific reports or choose a category.

  3. Select a report name.

  4. Select or remove filters, and then choose Apply Filters to modify and display the data.

  5. Choose Column Selection, choose the data to display, and select Apply.

  6. Optionally, Choose:

    1. Export Data to generate a .csv file.

    2. Save Custom Report.

      1. Enter a Custom Report Name and Description.

      2. Select Save. Each time you open your custom report, the data will automatically refresh without needing to reapply filters and manage columns.

Retrieve exported files

  1. Go to Analytics and select Reports 3.0.

  2. Select Exported Files.

  3. From Actions, choose Download for the selected report.

Manage custom reports

  1. Navigate to Analytics and select Reports 3.0.

  2. Select Custom Reports.

  3. From Custom Reports:

    1. Select the report name to display the report with updated data.

    2. Choose the settings icon to update the report name or description, and then select Save.

    3. Choose the delete icon to remove the report, and then select Delete.

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