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Track eDocs and College Application Data

From Naviance, assess college applications and eDocs submissions:

  • For individual students from within the student folder.
  • For groups of students using reports.
  • For groups of students from the pie chart on the Naviance homepage.
To access career, cluster, and pathway profiles in Naviance, navigate to Careers, then select Explore Careers or Explore Clusters and Pathways.

Student folder

To review students' active applications, application details, and outcomes, navigate to a student's folder.

  • From I'm Applying to in the Colleges section, review student's active applications, application details, and outcomes.
  • From Submission Status in the eDocs section, review the status of application materials submitted for the student.


Use a report a report to review students' active application details, college outcomes, matriculations, and eDocs submission status.

From Naviance, navigate to Analytics, select Reports, and then choose a report.

Report nameDescription
Applications by College

A list of applications by college with test scores, application types, results, and other information to be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file.

Applications by Student

A list of students and their submitted applications along with test scores, ap

plication types, results, and other information to be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file.

College Matriculation

A list of students and their matriculating college, as well as type and location.

eDocs Online Application Form Submission StatusA list of students, their applications, and the status of their forms submitted electronically via eDocs.
Student Application SummaryA list of students, their test scores, GPA, and application result statistics.
Teacher RecommendationsA list of teachers with each student's recommendation request.
Task Completion SummaryCompletion summary information for each task.
Task Completion StatusCompletion status information for each task.

From Naviance District Edition, navigate to Analytics, select Reports, and then choose a report.

District-level reports are populated with data for all schools in the district. District-level task completion reports populate with data for district-level tasks. They do not populate with data for school-level tasks.
College Admissions Class ProfileAn overview of a grade year's college admissions statistics such as the number of students, average GPA and test scores, the number of submitted applications, applications per student, and acceptance rate.
College Admissions StatisticsA list of colleges that students have applied to with the application result.
College Matriculation USA list of US states, the number of students attending college in that state, and the percentage of matriculations and students in the district.
College Matriculation Non-USA list of colleges outside of the US to which students are matriculating, the percentage of students in the district this represents, and the percentage of college matriculations in the district for the year.
College Score ProfilesA list of colleges to which students have applied with the average and minimum test scores and GPA for accepted students and the percentage of acceptances.
Current Task Completion StatusThe task completion status for all students in a grade year across all schools in the district.

Task Completion Summary

All district tasks assigned to students, the task's completion target, the number of students who completed the task out of the total number assigned, and the completion rate.

From Naviance, navigate to Analytics, select Reports 2.0, then choose a report.

College Applications ReportAn overview of the applications by students and by college.
eDocs Usage ReportAn overview of college eDocs submissions per school.
Task Completion ReportAn overview of success planner task completion by task and by school.

From Naviance, navigate to Analytics, select Reports 3.0, then choose a report.

College Applications Student Detail

Detailed application data by college and by student

College Applications SummaryAggregate college application data by college
College Applications Summary by Student

Aggregate college application data by student

eDocs Activity DetailDetailed document submission data by student
eDocs Completion SummaryAggregate document submission data by college
eDocs Summary by Student

Aggregate document submission data by student

Students with No Application Materials Requests

Students with active applications but no requests for application materials

Students with No Colleges I'm Applying To List

Students without a Colleges I'm Applying To list

Task Activity Summary by Student

Aggregate task completion data by student

Task Completion Summary by Student

Aggregate student completion data by task

Teacher Recommendation Summary

Aggregate teacher recommendation data by teacher

Teacher Recommendations by Teacher Detail

Detailed teacher recommendation data by student and by teacher

College outcomes summary 

Aggregate college outcome data by school 

Alternatively, navigate to Students and select Apps by College or Apps by Student. Select the report filters and click Prepare. Select printer friendly screen or Excel CSV to download the report.

Naviance homepage

Use the Graduating Class pie chart on the Naviance homepage to review statistics on college applications, acceptance, and attendance. By default, the pie chart displays the percentage of submitted applications, but you can change the data to display:

  • Students attending college
  • College attending location
  • College attending type
  • Application results
  • Application type

The pie chart is populated with information from the office status and not the student status of active applications. After the office status displays submitted, the pie chart updates the data from not applied to applied after 24 hours.

To update the status manually, navigate to the student folder and update the application details from the Colleges section.

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