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Clever Student Integration

All Naviance District Edition clients who use Clever can set up data integration with Naviance to create student records and ensure student data is correct via turnkey data management. The Clever Integration supports the import of weighted and unweighted GPA, graduation year, district username, and more. You can continue using SchoolSync™ to set up an automated data import of data fields not supported by Clever.

Prepare for the Clever integration

  • Confirm that you have a district Naviance account. Contact your account manager if you do not have a district Naviance account,
  • Set up data-sharing permissions in Clever.

If you are migrating to the new Clever integration from a PowerSchool data integration, you must:

  • Map the student ID to the same field in both the old and the new integrations to avoid issues with your student data when switching integrations. For example, if you mapped student ID to SIS ID in the original integration, you must map student ID to SIS ID in the new integration. Your student data will be scrambled if you do not map student ID to the same field in both integrations.
    • The SIS ID and Clever ID are two required fields used to identify and match existing students. You must verify the information in Naviance and ensure the matching SIS ID is the same if you are switching from PowerSchool SIS integration to the Clever student integration. PowerSchool recommends taking screenshots of the Matching fields page of your current PowerSchool SIS student data integration to ensure correct matching of the student ID in your Clever integration.
  • Reset the SIS configuration.

Configure the Clever integration

  1. From Naviance District Edition, navigate to the gear icon, and then select Setup.
  2. From the Naviance District Administration page, choose Clever Student Integration.

    This option is only available if Naviance Support enables the Clever integration, you set up data sharing permissions in Clever, and your user role has permission to import district data.

  3. Select Configure on the Naviance Clever Integration page.
  4. Follow the three steps to configure the Clever integration:
    1. Clever Data Integration Setup

    2. Clever Data Integration Settings

    3. Manage Email Notifications

Complete the Clever Data Integration Setup first. To ensure you receive an email notification for your first import, set up email notifications as your next step. Otherwise, complete the steps in order.

Clever data integration setup

  1. From the Configure page, select Clever Data Integration Setup.
  2. Select Edit Clever Integration Settings, and then enter the Clever ID found in your Clever account.

    If you currently have a Clever or PowerSchool Data Integration set up in Naviance, you must select Reset Configuration before continuing with the setup to ensure a successful data import. Your existing Naviance data is not deleted, but your automated sync is disabled.
  3. Select Save to launch the integration.
  4. From the Matching Clever School list, choose the corresponding Clever School with the Naviance School until all schools are matched.
  5. Select Save.

Clever data integration settings

  1. From the Configure page, select Clever Data Integration Settings.
  2. Choose the pencil icon for the corresponding data type.

Match fields

  1. On the Match Fields page, review the matches for accuracy. Naviance attempts to match the Clever Field to the corresponding Naviance Field.
  2. To change the matching, choose an option from the Matching Clever Field list that matches the Naviance Field.

    • If you do not want to import a non-required data field, choose Do Not Import from the Matching Clever Field.
    • To map non-standard grades, map the class year to Class year based on grade. Then, in the Define Codes step, you can map the grades as per your institution.
  3. Select Next to navigate to the Define Codes page or Save and Close to return to the Configuration page.

    Select Save to ensure your work is saved before navigating away from the page.

Define Codes

  1. From the Define Codes page, select the code field, and then choose the code used in Clever that matches the Naviance code. The Naviance code is determined by the matched field in the previous step.

  2. Select Next to navigate to the Sync Settings page or Save and Close to return to the Configuration page.

Sync settings

  1. From Sync Settings:
    • Select All Mapped Schools to apply the settings to all mapped schools.
    • Choose Specify Schools to apply the settings to specific schools.
  2. From Data Update Frequency, select a frequency from the list.
  3. Choose an import rule.
  4. Select Next.

Test or start import

Current Clever users must disable the existing student integration before completing the import process.

Before starting the import, review the Import Summary to ensure you have addressed all steps.

Complete a Test Import before starting the import to validate expected results, check for errors, and resolve duplicate accounts. Run a test import as often as needed before the first import.
  1. Select Start Import. The status displays Validation in Progress until the import is ready to begin.
  2. Select Done.
  3. From the Clever Integration page, choose Configure to return to the configuration settings.

Email notifications

Control who receives import status notifications.

  1. From the Configure page, select Manage Email Notifications.

  2. Choose the pencil icon for the data type you want to manage email notifications.

  3. Enter the email address of the recipient in the Add Email Recipients field. Use a comma to separate multiple email addresses.

  4. Select Save.

  5. To edit the email recipients, choose the pencil icon for the corresponding Data Type.

Review previous imports

Review an import's progress and manage previous imports.

  1. From Naviance District Edition, navigate to the gear icon, and then select Setup.
  2. From the Naviance District Administration page, choose Clever Student Integration.

  3. Select More, and then select View Log to access the import's details.

    • To access a list of potential updates resolved between Naviance and PowerSchool products, select View Student Updates Log.
    • To avoid creating duplicate records, go to Resolve Alerts, if available, and review the Clever record and the possible matches.
      1. Choose the matching record if listed, and then select Match. Otherwise, choose Create Record.
      2. To create and match the selected records, select Process All Updates.
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