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SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) allows an IdP (identity provider) like G-Suite or ClassLink, to securely exchange authentication and authorization data with an SP (service provider) like Naviance, allowing users to log in easier and more securely.

You must activate Naviance Student for students to log in successfully.

  1. Navigate to Connections and select Naviance Student.
  2. Select Activate Website.
  3. From Activate Site, select Site is On and click Change Status.

Set up SAML single sign-on (SSO) for each user type:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Parents and Guardians
You cannot import data via SAML. Unlike Clever, SAML does not import data into Naviance or create accounts. It serves as a pass-through authenticator when logging in to Naviance.

Benefits of using SAML

  • Your school may already use G-Suite for Education, a PowerSchool student information system (SIS), or another IdP, making for an easy transition.
  • SAML is an industry standard SSO protocol with which most systems can integrate.

  • SAML improves the end-user experience by making the login process easy.

  • If you use other PowerSchool products, you can add AppSwitcher to seamlessly more back and forth between your PowerSchool applications.

Clever and SAML

Clever offers an automated import process from your (SIS) and authentication for students and staff SSO. SAML only offers authentication for students, staff, and parent SSO. You can use Clever as the SSO for student login and SAML as the SSO for staff login, or visa-versa.

Follow this setup process to disable Clever SSO and start using SAML SSO.

  1. Complete the student SAML setup in Naviance.
  2. Create the SAML App in your IdP. If PowerSchool SIS is your IdP, you must install a custom plugin.
  3. Test the student login from your IdP.
  4. Retrieve the Bookmark URL from the SAML page in Naviance and add the URL as an external link if using Clever or ClassLink.
  5. Contact Naviance Support to disable the Clever student integration if needed.

Things to Remember

  • Connections can be removed at any time.
  • Connections cannot be edited. If you have made a mistake when making the connection, remove the connection and do it again.

    When you remove a connection, the login reverts to Naviance native login, and the username assigned via the import can be used to log in.
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