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Start using the Surveys New feature to:

  • Manage and create surveys.
  • Track survey data.
  • Copy surveys from the new Shared Library.
  • Use the customizable Game Plan and Graduation surveys.

Surveys Overview

Use the Survey feature in Naviance to collect information from students, parents, and guardians.

  • Create an unlimited number of custom surveys such as a brag sheet, bullying, or senior survey.
  • Administer the Naviance-built Game Plan or Graduation Surveys.
  • Find and copy a survey from the Shared Survey Library.
  • Track survey completion and view responses.

Game Plan Survey

Administer the Game Plan survey to obtain information about students' plans for achieving their post-secondary goals post-graduation.

After students indicate their goals after high school, Naviance automatically populates the student's post-graduation path in their student folder and the student's planned outcome in the Outcomes Report 2.0.

Add questions to customize the Game Plan survey using the Surveys New feature. You cannot modify the Game Plan survey from the Survey Builder.

Graduation Survey

Administer the Graduation survey to seniors before graduating to obtain information about students' post-graduation plans.

The survey includes three sections:

  • Post-graduation Outcome

  • College Application Results

    • The student's results populate the student folder and reports.
    • The student's results are included in your school's historical college application data.
  • Scholarships Awarded, including award amount

    • Students can enter up to five scholarships.
    • The student's scholarship outcomes populate the student folder and the Scholarship Report 2.0.

Use Surveys New to add custom questions to the built-in Graduation survey. You cannot modify the Graduation survey from the Survey builder.

If you prefer to create a custom graduation survey, use the built-in Outcomes, College Applications, and Scholarships questions to populate the student folder, reports and your school's historical college application data with responses.

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