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Review Student Readiness Indicator Status

Review Student Progress

Navigate to Analytics, then select Student Readiness Indicators.

  • Select a grade level, school, or indicator to refine the data.
  • Choose an option from the Export list. The CSV file downloads, including data for all graduation requirements.
  • Navigate to the Overview section to review high-level data for your school or district.
  • Navigate to the Student Details section to review data by student.
Student Readiness Indicators only display data for active students.


Assess data by indicator, school, counselor, or class year, depending on your Naviance account.

Student Details

To review the progress of individual students:

  • Enter a student name or ID number in the Student Search field to find details for a particular student.
  • Filter the data by Counselors, Course Requirements, and more.
  • Choose an option from the Items per page list.
  • Click the forward or backward arrows to navigate through each page of student data.

Update Progress Indicators for a Student

  1. Navigate to Analytics, then select Student Readiness Indicators.
  2. From the Actions column, click the pencil icon for the desired student.
  3. Choose the desired indicator to update the status to Not Met, In Progress, or Met.

    To update the status for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) or the Ohio State Tests (OST), enter the student's TSIA or OST scores into Naviance via the student folder or a manual data import. The indicator status updates automatically according to the student's TSIA or OST scores in Naviance. If you previously updated this status manually or via an import and did not add TSIA or OST scores for students in Naviance, the status displays not met.

  4. Click Save.
Bulk update indicator statuses via a data import.

Details in Naviance Student

Review high-level progress from the Student Readiness Indicators card on the homepage.

For more details, select Planner and choose Student Readiness Indicators. From the Student Readiness Indicators page, review Information From My School to assess your progress towards meeting the state-mandated requirements.

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